Wednesday 3 April 2013

Are You Settling For What The Society Wants or What is Good For Your Future?

So, one of my very good friends from High School recently (last year Summer) discussed the importance of savings, and ways to cut down spendings.  I particularly remembered her words: " You can't go in debt to please others".  I've implemented some of what she told me, such as;  I have reduced going out with friends, I have started saying No to Aso-ebi's but I find it difficult to say No.  I still Yes to my VERY good friends.I have some friends that are very important to me, I will say Yes to them regardless of the city/country they are in. That's if I have plenty cash, after I have saved.  The bible says that, people will be rewarded for what they sow (Paraphrased).

Below is Doyinsola's article:

Ladies, why are you taking the back-seat  When will you become the driver? It is time to focus on building ourselves – financially, educationally, career wise and much more. It is not too late to pick yourself up and start building your future. Our society (African) has placed so much value on the male child and ignores the development of the female. Are we going to settle for what the society wants or what is good for our future?  A friend said on twitter that “Beauty without intelligence is a display of cosmetic foolishness”. According to Oprah Winfrey, “It doesn't matter who you are, or where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you.  Always”
I recently watched a Yoruba movie where the couple had a disagreement that led to the husband moving out of their home. Everything went wrong, after then, because the wife could neither pay her children’s tuition, the house rent nor provide their basic needs. Looking back, I begin to wonder what her financial capabilities were. Many women rely solely on their husbands to provide for them 100% of the time, forgetting that, one day this man will pass away. I have also seen many instances where women stay in abusive marriages or relationships because they have nothing to fall back on if they were to leave. Even if you are a full-time housewife, I'm sure if you start a small business and provide excellent customer service, it will pay off before you know it.
We need to start building our future.  If you need to go back to school, start thinking of the program you want to study and have a plan on how to get that degree. If you need to modify your financial status, it is better for you to cut out all those wants and focus on your needs. I tell most of my friends, I would rather build my future than waste money on material things. Have a monthly budget, stick to it and save appropriately. It is ok to say “no” to Aso-ebi, being a bridesmaid, birthday dinners etc if you cannot afford it. Personally, last year, I promised myself not to buy Aso-ebi and it worked for me. Calculating how much one spends on Aso-ebi, sewing etc it comes out roughly to $150.
It is not too late to have a goal and stick to it. You can start by asking yourself what you want to achieve this year; it might be career development, financial stability, educational goals etc. Once you know what your goal is, draw a plan of how you want to accomplish it by the end of the year and evaluate your progress every three months. There are no excuses for not succeeding in life. Take the driver’s seat and drive to your destination!
Doyinsola Oluwatosin
About the writer: Doyinsola Oluwatosin is a graduate and a human resource professional. In her free time, Doyin dedicates her time to church activities and she has a passion to better herself, family and have a positive impact in her community. She is also the CEO of DLSX Designs (Check us out on Facebook) an online accessory shop.

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