Monday 22 April 2013

My week . . .

Have you noticed that I update my blog every Sunday or Monday? 

How was your weekend?  Want to discuss about your weekend? What was the best highlight of your week? What are you looking forward to in this new week?

My weekend was exhausting! I attended a church programme on Friday, and the programme was a church vigil (Where Christians gathered to worship God).  I was extremely blessed; I was particularly blessed by wondrous testimonies that were shared. A couple shared about how long they had been waiting for God to bless them with children after 12 years of marriage, and eventually God blessed them with a beautiful baby.  There was also a testimony about a lady who was healed of Sickle Cell Anaemia; she actually brought the medical report as evidence of her healing.    

I’m currently reading a book titled: What to Do, When You Don’t Know What to Do, Sex and Intimacy by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend. I’ve learnt tremendously from the book, I can’t wait to share my learning with you.

Also, this week, I've battled with the bible scripture, Hebrews 12:14, which states that, “I am to follow Peace with all human beings and if I do not follow Peace with all men, I won’t see God” (Good News Translation-Paraphrased). When you’re upset by the action of an individual, how do you handle it? Do you go on to avoid and ignore the person so that you don’t get hurt in the future? Would that be following peace as the scripture said? 

During the week, I watched a movie titled “Why did I get Married” by Tyler Perry.  There was a song that kept playing in the background, the lyrics of the song inspired my Facebook post, which received over 80 comments, the title of the post was:  “As Christians, marrying a man without consulting God is a sin or without getting permission from God is a sin

There was a wide range of views and the comments have blessed a lot of people, so I have decided to share it.  Contributors to the post, Ope Akinola, Tolu Fapojuwo, Tolu Oyewale, Adebola Ogunoiki, Israel Popoola, Soji Alayo, Sade Lijadu Nowoola, Ife Adebara, Ruth Odumeso. I'm extremely grateful guys. You guys are fantastic.

Summary of Face book Discussion:

1.   It is UNWISE not to consult God about marriage.

2.   Going with God’s choice gives an individual a good foundation and starting point.

3.   SUCCESSFUL marriage DEMANDS much more WORK.

4.   Those that are LED by the Spirit of God are the Sons of God, if you are not LED by God, then you are NOT a Son.

5.   Permission from God does not necessarily equate a prosperous marriage.

6.   Seeking God’s will is like a platform that gives you a surety, which keeps you going even when the challenges come.

7.   If God gives you a clear instruction on who to marry and you refuse to listen, it is disobedience.

8.   It is imperative to ensure that, when you pray to God about your future spouse and you saw a sign after you consulted God, be sure that it is not a counterfeit from Satan, and ensure you ask God for permission to be with the person and for God to confirm it with others.

9.   If we allow God to rule every aspect pertaining to our lives then the issue of marriage will be sorted out, both in the finding and life after marriage.

10.  How you choose a marriage partner may determine where you spend eternity and how your vision for your life is implemented on earth.

Next week, (if rapture has not taken place), I shall be publishing an article by someone I regard as my big sister in Christ.

Enjoy your week!

-          Myss Lafunky

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  1. I have been following your posts and i must commend you for the good work so far. May the good Lord bless you.
    I wish i had a week like yours.
    The point i like best is number 9 and I must always remember that God must rule every aspect my life.
    On being upset by the actions an individual, I must say that it is the responsibility of the "offended" to ensure he or she is at peace with the "offender". You can see that the offender and offended are in quote, that is because most of the time, the offender sees the other party as the offender so does the offended. If you have issues forgiving the individual straight up and relating to the person as you would before the issue, it would be a good idea to meet with the person to discuss and iron out any differences. Don't wait to be apologised to first. Why? It is for your own good. God takes this very seriously. Hence, the scripture you quoted in Hebrews and Matthew 5v22-24 talks about God not accepting an offering from a man because he has been offended by his neighbour and hasn't forgiven the person. This could also mean that God would not answer the prayers of such a person until he goes to forgive and clear any conflict with his brother. Ignoring/avoiding the person is not the solution as this clearly shows you still have something against the person, imagine God ignoring you after He said he has forgiven you, that would not follow at all. What do you do in order not to be hurt in the future would be allow God's wisdom direct you in relating with them. But if they keep offending you, treat them well in return. Yes! Proverb 25v21-22 points to this. This is what makes Christians different from non-Christians, the Christ-nature and you may even change them by your actions towards them. Life is too short and Heaven is too long to keep offences by someone to heart in this lifetime and risk missing heaven. Live free!

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      I will take the below points on board:

      It is the responsibility of the "offended" to ensure he or she is at peace with the "offender". Most of the time, the offender sees the other party as the offender so does the offended.

      In no way did I write that, I have issues in forgiving the individual, the question is, in other to follow peace, is it best to avoid someone that has the tendency of hurting you? Is it a sin when we avoid someone?

      I agree that, what makes us Christians different from non-Christians is the Christ-nature within us and our actions toward others.
      I guess we must allow God to work through us in loving people and also, we must allow God to teach us how to follow peace with all men. I wonder why God said 'ALL' men.