Tuesday 11 December 2012

NO THKS in your relationship?

Being pure in a relationship, is it possible to be sexually pure in one's thoughts, physical (touching each other, kissing, sexual intercourse, oral sex, amongst others) in what you do with your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancĂ©, fiancĂ©e?                  

Have you tried NO THKS rules?

No Touching,
No Hugging
No Kissing

And when you feel like doing the above, please remember that the pleasure is for a moment. You will feel guilty afterwards. And also remember that there are consequences for our actions.

What the Spirit wants versus what the flesh wants? How do you as a Christian implement what the Spirit wants? Do you sometimes enjoy what the flesh wants more than what the Spirit wants in your relationship?

Try and implement the NO THKS rules, with a bit of self-control. I can assure you that, you are on the way to being pure, for your body to be respected and for you to respect your body.

- Myss Lafunky