Wednesday 12 June 2013

Wisdom Tips For Your Marriage and For those that are Courting..

   So, there are things that have no scriptural backings yet they are wisdom tips.  So, what are wisdom tips? According to my definition, wisdom tips are things that you take into consideration before taking an action. 

Below are the wisdom tips for people that are married.

1)    Make God the center of your marriage. Pray together, pray for each other and pray for yourself. Pray at least 5 minutes a day for your spouse.

2)    It is not advisable for you to have a friend of the opposite sex as your best friend.

3)    It is not advisable for you to undertake an action that you will be scared of your spouse finding out.

4)    It is advisable for you to have similar friends with your husband/wife.

5)    It is advisable for you to learn to apologise, don’t just leave it to your wife to apologise. It is both of your roles.

6)    The needs of the family come before your expensive outfits.

7)    Learn how to enjoy each other’s company and how to relax.

8)    Do not be afraid to communicate how you feel to your wife or husband. Be courageous.

9)    Learn to agree to disagree.

10)  It is within your role to make your marriage a PARADISE or HELL. The choice is yours.

11)  Make your marriage fresh.

Below are wisdom tips for people that are courting

1)    It is advisable for you to have a clear vision for your courtship.

2)    It is not advisable for you to go on holiday with your girlfriend/boyfriend alone.

3)    It is not advisable for you to sleepover with your boyfriend/girl friend (Call me old school, from experience it is dangerous).

4)    It is not advisable to engage in sexual activities with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

5)    You want to maintain your virginity and remain pure; it is advisable that you avoid anal, oral, any other types of sex, not just sexual intercourse.

6)    It is essential for you to have self-control.

7)    Reason, don’t argue.

8)    Understand it from your partner’s points of view.

9)    It is advisable for you to remember that you are not one yet; therefore your role must not involve the role of a husband and wife.

10)  It is advisable not to be secretive.  Have someone that will tell you the truth in line with God’s Word.

11)  Never stop preparing for marriage throughout your courtship.

12)  Pray for your beloved 5 minutes every day, pray together and pray for yourselves.

13)  Courtship can be successful when two people realise they are meant for each other and they marry, and it can also be successful when two people have thoroughly examined each other and they make the decision not to go ahead so that they won’t have a broken marriage.

- Myss Lafunky

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