Thursday 6 June 2013

Spiritual maturity Versus Spiritual immaturity

So, how do you distinguish a Christian that is mature and a Christian that is not mature?  Some people believe that, mature Christians pray longer and they are eloquent in their prayer, while some believe  that, mature Christians are always present at every church programmes. Some argue that, immature Christians are always late to church, seldom present in church events, their prayer tends to last for about 5 minutes.

Below post stemmed from messages that I have listened to/read by Pastor Sam Adeyemi and Pastor Enoch Adeboye.

                        Spiritual maturity Versus Spiritual Immaturity

Mature Christians teach others   WHILE immature Christians are currently just being taught.

Mature Christians can distinguish between sound and unsound doctrine WHILE immature Christians are not able to distinguish between sound and unsound doctrine.

Mature Christians faith are active WHILE immature Christians have constant doubt and fear.

Mature Christians have the ability to feast on the deeper things of God WHILE immature Christians are struggling with the basics.

Mature Christians regularly evaluate EVERY area of their lives using the word of God that they read regularly WHILE immature Christians evaluate their lives using the Word of God but based on messages that they have heard only not read, they are not aware whether the Word is true or false.

Mature Christians seldom get angry and they love others WHILE immature Christians keep malice and they gossip regularly.

Mature Christians must be able to manage his or her family very well.

Being a Christian is a journey and a process.

How are you ensuring that you mature in your faith? Are you making the right choices?

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- Myss Lafunky


  1. Very true. Maturity coming from luke 2.52 'and Jesus increase in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man' implies 360 degrees all round change affecting every facet of our lives hence the immature will manifest change but not cutting across every facet thereby suffering from stunted growth

  2. Mature Christians love beyond measure, while immature ones don't. Everyone at present is a mix of both. To claim otherwise is hypocrisy and deception. Sometimes its a development problem caused by the sin everyone on the planet shares in. Even when people are mature and make right decisions and behave that way they are still not quite there yet because they hurt and what has been asked of them is just beyond them in that moment. In the end it comes down to Christ and His enduring love that matures the soul and His body in this earthen vessel. Peace Amen.

  3. True. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.