Monday 24 June 2013


Associations in the world today are comprised of those who know God and those who do not know God.

A follower of God is hungry for God and all that pertains to Him. The best contact should be with people of similar minds and similar passion. There is no nexus between the light and darkness. As a child of light working in the world which is full of darkness, the light must stand out for illumination purposes for relevancy.

Counsel comes to all in the world but when the counsel contradicts scriptures or biblical ethics consent must not be given by the child of God.  Consent is shown by your agreement to do what you know deep within you God would not support you in doing.

Today many Christ followers are caught in the web of compromise. They do not stand for the kingdom but desire to reign with God at the end when the believers are raptured. The truth is that you cannot afford as a Christ follower to engage in same things as the world or do it the world way but rather the Christ follower must engage in doing it the way God would have it done. 

1 John 2:15 says (We are not to love this world nor the things it offers, for when we love the world, we do not have the love of the Father in us).

Scriptures say WHEN SINNERS ENTICE YOU CONSENT THOU NOT (Proverbs 1:10).  Things may not be going on so good with your finances, your relationship etc. Do not give consent when the only counsel you get is to participate in iniquity or do something the Holy Spirit is cautioning you about because it would not give glory to the father.

Yes in the multitude of counsel there is safety and safety only comes when the counsel is from the   chosen vessel of the lord and not that the Devil the prince of this world brings across your way.

Can I also state that, wrong counsel could come from anybody, and I mean anybody, the least person you would expect.  When I had challenges in my life, there were so many counsels even the ones that were deemed right in my sight.  Nonetheless, I found out that, the best person to counsel is the Holy Spirit and also, as Christians, we can tell God to bring the right counsellors our way and He would bring the right counsellors our way.  However, if people come with the wrong counsel regardless of who they are, the Holy Spirit should prompt one immediately.   One would be able to sift the counsel .  #Myss Lafunky’s perspective#

Right associations will produce right counsel which in turn will cause heaven to be pleased. Many have missed it because they followed a wrong counsel.  Many troubles can be avoided if we adhere to godly counsel which only the believers can provide for they too are walking with God as you are and know the rules of engagement as contained in scriptures.

While some people have missed it because it is too late to undertake the right action, some people have not missed it.  Are you reading this blog and you are about to take an action that you are having doubt about? STOP and ask God to tell you what He wants you to do, God will never hide the truth from you. You can also ask God to bring the right people that will offer you the right counsel to come your way.  #Myss Lafunky’s perspective#.  Proverbs 15:22 states that, without counsel, purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors, they are established.


According to, the authors of the blog stated that, we need mentors to avoid tormentors in life. Submission to a higher spiritual authority is the pathway to accountability.

We also need to move away from thinking that, mentoring is an attempt for an individual to poke into one's business rather mentoring helps one to safeguard one's life through right advice, with the aim of avoiding disasters. Have someone that would guide you and someone that you can be accountable to.

There are examples of people in the Bible that were mentored and counselled:

Paul mentored Timothy
Elijah mentored Elisha
Moses mentored Joshua
Jesus mentored the twelves disciples

Get counsel from the right counsellors. 

-   Oluwatosin Olatoye
-   Myss Lafunky

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