Thursday 6 June 2013

My's now my MESSAGE

About five years ago--- I was given a prophesy about someone I would marry-- we met in the most remarkable way-- I was blown away. We both were of the faith and so I thought we both believed in waiting for marriage before we engaged in sex.I later found out that he was not interested in waiting and after a while all our conversations were centered around that. It was very uncomfortable. Here I was in love with this man (supposedly a preacher, prophet and pastor) who was of the view that since we are gonna get married, nothing is wrong if we do it. Things got so nasty that he started calling me a religious fanatic and childish. I started getting dreams of him being with other women and I also got a vision of him secretly marry someone else. I didnt want to believe them. I never struggled with self esteem but this guy destroy my strength. I started questioning my very belief and felt like it was my fault things were falling apart. His ministry started growing and he was now travelling-- then he told me its not working out. Needless to say I was devastated! 

But today I give GOD the glory! For His protection in my weakness moments. God used that situation and taught me many lessons that has really helped me to recognize the voice of the LOrd. All of this made me pray more. Made me read my bible more and little by little my strength came back. I later found out that he was indeed fooling around with many women. I was devastated but it would have felt worst if I had given myself to him. I was grateful for that! HE married someone esle secretly--- he lied about it when I asked him about it- but I confirmed it to be true. BEcause of all the infidelity I can only imagine the horror of that woman. I pray for her strength and that he really changes. No woman should have to suffer through that. I really felt like him leaving me was a blessing.

But I am mostly grateful for the fact that I could forgive him. An I told him the same. He contacted me in last year-- terminally ill. With no funds. and I gave him assistance. He had the nerve of trying to get back with me. I declined. I am waiting on God's best. 

Today I can truly say that this has made me better not bitter! My mess became my message. I started writing because of this stress. Today I have 3 books that minister to others. I want to encourage all singles to remain faithful to God- He will give you the right spouse in His time.



  1. I'm so pleased that you stood for Christ/belief. I have a similar testimony too. Keep standing for Christ. I can assure you that, your future is bright.

  2. It pays to know and believe who we truly serve. We should always ask ourself this question when faced with difficult situation, what will Jesus do in such situation? This will help a lot to arrive at a decision that will glorify Jesus.