Monday 10 August 2020

The Spirit of God is the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding

 Hello Readers & Followers,

How are you today? Thank you for reading our Godly-inspired posts when we relaunched last week. Within the last seven days, we have had at least 1000 views of our articles. I am pleased to know that God is ministering to you through His platform. So back to this week's post...

Do you know that God's Spirit is the Spirit of wisdom and understanding? Do you know that it is God's desire for you to be wise? God wants you to be full of wisdom as His wisdom will shape your views about who you are, your views about others and the world. 

Discovering God's wisdom is life-changing. That's right, it is life-changing; the wisdom of God has a strong effect in changing everything about you.  

In the bible, James 3:13-18 says that if you are wise and understand God's ways, prove it by living an honourable life, doing good works with the humility that comes from God. So, God's wisdom helps us to live an honourable life. James further mentioned that God's wisdom helps you to live a pure life that is not jealous, bitter, selfish, boastful, and full of lies. Don't you want this wisdom? 

Book, Reading Book, Reading, Read, Information

              God's Wisdom 

1) You have to ask God for His wisdom which He gives generously to those who ask Him.

2) You have to keep seeking after God by consistently spending time with Him. "You become wiser when you consistently fellowship with God and correctly apply His Word into your life" (Mysses Lafunky). 

3)  Seek God's wisdom from His Word in the bible.

4) Show God's wisdom in your everyday choices.

5) Show God's wisdom when you have been offended.

6) Show God's wisdom when you are confused.  

I love praying this prayer. Say this Prayer after me:

A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse

from God's roots, a Branch will bear fruit.

The Spirit of the Lord will rest on me-

the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding,

the Spirit of counsel and of might,

the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord-

and I will delight in the fear of the Lord,

in Jesus name

Amen.   Isaiah 11: 1- 3 (Paraphrased NIV bible version):

The charge for this week is to remind you that the Spirit of God is the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, and you can obtain His wisdom by asking God for it and by spending time consistently with Him. 

Have a lovely week. See you next week Monday.

- Mysses Lafunky

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