Monday 28 July 2014

God Is Asking: "Where Are My Mentors?"

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This is a sequel to last week's post about mentoring, click here for that post.

This post is to expatiate on spiritual mentoring and to highlight examples of biblical characters that mentored others.

Where are my Sarahs? My Deborahs? Where are my Naomis, Ruths and Hannahs?

Where are My Esthers? Where are my Abigails and Jehoshebas?

Where are My Priscillas and Marys? Who are the people that will join me on this journey? Or have you already started mentoring (whether formal or informal mentoring), congratulations!!!

To the people that need encouragement, kindly read the biblical characters below:

Naomi won Ruth to faith. She gave Ruth wise counsel to win the heart of Boaz. She helped nurture Ruth's son - Obed.

Deborah also guided Barak into battle. She accepted Barak's call for help. She celebrated the victory in song.

Elizabeth encouraged Mary, she offered Mary hospitality and refuge.

Priscillia, with her husband Aquila, received spiritual preparation from the apostle Paul. They patiently shared their understanding of Scriptures. Priscilla kept her home open to believers.

God wants to make you a Deborah, a Naomi, an Elizabeth out of His daughters. He is looking for sisters and mothers in the kingdom to arise.

What are the rewards for you as a Mentor?
  1. You get the opportunity to impact another person's life positively.
  2. Gives you a sense of fulfilment because you're carrying out God's word.
  3. You reap the same rewards of  good mentoring for your children because of the positive seed you've sown in the lives of others.
Above all, God will reward you and crown you with righteousness.

Are you willing to be a Ruth, an Esther, an Abigail?  If You are, He will use you to reap the harvest. He will reveal His glory through you.

Are you wondering if this post is only for women? Well, God has also called men to be mentors! Watch out for the post on mentoring for our male readers.

- Myss Lafunky

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