Friday 23 February 2018

Don't Take God for Granted | It Doesn't Make It Right Because Everyone is Doing It

Hello Readers & Followers

Thank God Its Friday! I recognise that we did not publish our faith message for Monday. My sincere apologies!  My week was extremely busy and my mind was tired. I have actually noticed that when my mind is tired and when I have had a very busy week or day, I tend to struggle to be productive in the place of writing faith articles and also I sometimes struggle to connect with God on a one to one. I wonder if this is generic to everyone or is it just peculiar to me?  If you have any tips for me, feel free to comment below or contact me.

Back to this week's post...

A) Are you a Practising Christian?

B) Are you a Born Again Christian?

C) Have you noticed how there are several things that the Word of God has told us to avoid and things that God has clearly warned us against are now being normalised and embraced?

D) Have you noticed that some Christians also participate in things that they know are wrong and against God's word?

E) Do you know that God always tells you through your conscience when you are doing or have done something against the way He expects you to do things?

F) Do you give excuses such as; i) God will forgive me when I seek His forgiveness, ii) Everyone is doing it, what makes me different? iii) Mature Christians are doing it, this therefore makes it right for me to do it too. iv) God will always understand as He is a good God.

Mysses Lafunky would like to encourage you with the following:

1. Dearest readers, God would like you to be more careful to do the good things that you know you are ought to do as a Christian, obey Him with deep respect and stay away from ALL that might displease Him (Philippians 2 :12 TLB version Paraphrased).

2. Do not be discouraged in living for God, God is happy with you when you make a conscious decision to show that you love Him through your way of life.

3. No one can serve two Gods. You are either a Christian that lives for God or a non-Christian that does not live for God.

4. God is not keen on you to call yourself a Christian (A follower of Jesus Christ that follows God's teachings) and yet you are not following His teachings. He wouldn't see you as His child.

5. Remember, there will be trying times, God is ALWAYS available to help you to make right choices.

6. If peradventure, you have fallen along the way, it is not too late to forsake your wrong ways. However, It may cost you! "Living for God is a lifestyle of sacrifice (Quote by Mysses Lafunky)." But God will make everything to work together for your good. 

Let's Talk . . .
A lot of people struggle to forsake old habits and wrong things that they know that God hates. Do you have any tips that could be beneficial for someone that is struggling to forsake old ways or things that God has told Christians to stay away from?

Enjoy your weekend!

- Mysses Lafunky


  1. If struggling to forsake old habits ask God to help you. Let God know you are struggling and you unable to stop in your power and you will see God step in. Amen

  2. The one tip I can share, which I’m trying to implement step by step, is to close every door that may potentially lead you to your old habits. Don’t even open it slightly, otherwise they’ll flood back in- Sage

    1. Thank you Sage. I hope the tip is working well for you? I can link it to a scripture that says that we should run away or stay away from every appearance of anything to do with evil (1 Thessalonians 5:22).