Thursday 19 November 2015

Competition! Competition! Win a £10 Amazon voucher

Hi Readers,

I recently engaged in a discussion about how some Christian brothers and sisters deceive,  and toy with each other's emotions. Some have lied against God by stating to different girls that God led them to marry them. There have been examples of others not setting appropriate boundaries in their platonic friendships which led to emotional cheating, developed feelings without the relationship being defined, worldly passions, etc. Some even go ahead to give pet names to each other without being in a courtship relationship. 

Some Christian brothers have complained that Christian sisters lead them on. Some argue that, why do single ladies agree to go to movies, restaurants, etc,  if they know that they had no intention to consent to a relationship? There are various experiences out there. 

Myss Lafunky would like to do a series for you all to send in anonymous write-ups or use a pseudonym to write a post about your experience or experiences that you were told and you believe the readers can learn from or can pass to others to learn.

I shall start publishing the posts from next week Monday. There will be a £10 Amazon gift voucher each for the first 10 posts that are received.

Please, send your writeups to

If you need help with editing the post, Myss Lafunky will gladly help you.

I look forward to reading from you.

- Myss Lafunky

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