Monday 1 September 2014

When Marriage Becomes a Costly Mistake

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Josephine, a Born Again Christian and a gospel singer, met Luke at a gospel concert. Luke deceived Josephine into believing that he, too, was a Born Again Christian and a lover of gospel music and almost immediately, a relationship sparked off. 
Within months, they were already talking of marriage. Josephine went to about 3 pastors for counselling. All of them gave their consent, erroneously assuming that it was God's will. The information that Josephine shared to the Pastor enabled all the pastors to give their full permission.  
Within six months of their meeting, they got married. 

The marriage was very problematic, Josephine and Luke did not seek help neither did they speak about their problems to the members of their church. Josephine felt that, given that their pastors usually made reference to them during preaching or seminars as the ideal young couple, they felt the need not to seek counsel. Nonetheless, several problems took its toll on their marriage.
Josephine came back home one day to find that her husband had disappeared with most of his belongings. She became a nervous wreck.  
She reported his disappearance to the Police and requested that their church and Christian friends pray for Luke's return and safety. Luke had left no messages with friends and he hadn't called.
His family claimed they had not heard from him.  The Police found his car parked behind his office, locked and empty, and suspected that he had run away.
The search continued..
Josephine couldn't come to terms with it, she couldn't cope as she had their children to look after.

After a few months that Luke had gone missing, things began to unfold. Luke's family disclosed what had happened.

Luke's family begged Josephine and her family to keep the information secret as they did not want their family to experience any shame from people. 

So..what exactly happened?

Luke's family disclosed that, Luke was diagnosed with Schizophrenia when he was at university, he was taking medications but he was unable to manage despite the medications. 
Luke's parents reported that, their son is living with a special prophet who is praying for him 24/7, every day, the prophet had also said that, Luke would have to remain single. 
Luke's parents shared that, the marriage only took place as the prophet initially told them that if Luke married Josephine, he would be cured from Schizophrenia. Given that, Luke was not cured, he fled back home for special treatment.
After a few years of living as a single mother, Josephine and Luke divorced. 

Lessons to be learnt
Never make assumptions about a person's character.
Do not substitute prayers for courtship because you need to know the person you intend to marry; yet prayer should not be underestimated.
Find out about each other's background from friends, relatives, siblings, childhood friends, amongst others.
Ask God what He is saying before you go into the marriage. God's view, God's consent or disapproval is more important.
Do not rush into marriage. And to those that are married, please, all your discussions with single brethren should not centre on 'when are you getting married'. Be creative!
Make sure you take time to study your husband to be or your wife to be carefully, because a marriage with a faulty foundation can disintegrate, even after 20 years.
Finally, remember that a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage. God does not hate broken courtship. He wants you to get it right before you say I do.
Are you in a relationship and you are not happy about the relationship? However, you feel that, you want to be among the people that will share a testimony that, you married your first ever boyfriend? (Of what benefits would it be?).
Or do you feel that the whole world has known your fiancĂ©/fiancee. Therefore, it is too late to break the relationship? Think of your decision and choices carefully, marriage is not a walk in the park. 
The person you marry is going to affect the way the rest of your life turns out. Therefore, be sure to marry somebody that God leads you to. Always seek clarity from God at all times.

- Myss Lafunky


  1. This is a really wonderful post.. Is it a true story? It's really sad what happened to Josephine.. It could happen to anyone, particularly when we get carried away with 'Christianese' and forget to search/look deep..May God help us in Jesus name

    1. Thank you for taking your time to comment. The full story was inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is however to be noted that, some of the content of the post stemmed from a true life story.

      You are definitely right, in respect of how we play 'Christanese' to not find out information. Nonetheless, the Word of God says people perish because of lack of knowledge.
      Let us get searching, be better informed about everything and commit everything to God's hands.

  2. Thanks for sharing! We can't be too careful about we are going to be with for the rest of our lives.

    1. That's right. We mustn't be too careful. I use this medium to pray for singles that have ignored pertinent information about their intended spouse or that their intended spouse is hiding a vital information, I decree that the Almighty God will bring clarity in Jesus name.

  3. The piece is a beautiful one
    the truth on this issue is that prayers cant be underplayed or relegated to the background in this matter of marriage nor can having specific convictions on whom the spouse is. its true that in the multitude of counsel there is safety however there is a counsel that comes from the mouth of God which is more authentic and when it comes the challenges in marriage can be overcome. pastors being human can become emotional on the matter and not really partner in seeking the face of God moreover there are all kinds of pastors these days. it is advised though that individuals have prayer partner(s) who would commit themselves to praying concerning burning issues as this and would not play on words when their eyes are opened to certain information from the supernatural.
    the individual to marry must have a spiritual covering over his /her life. whoever provides this covering must be one positioned by God for that purpose.

    1. Yes...Prayer.. Praying the right prayers not selfish prayers. Also, acknowledging that even when things do not go as you have planned in the courtship, perhaps it's an answered prayer.
      Thank you for taking your time to comment.

  4. May God help us all to watch and pray. And develop a serious personal relationship with Him.

    1. Amen. I like that. We must definitely WATCH and Pray. The Bible says in Matthew 13:25 that...when the people slept, the enemy came and sowed tares.
      May God help us to be watchful and prayerful.

  5. Thank you Jesus! This is the exact kind of blog I have searched for all my life. Your inspring words have lifted up my soul once again. Especially the one on "Purity and virginity". God bless you!

    1. Amen Ayo. I am glad that you have found the kind of blog that you are looking for.
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