Monday 22 September 2014

Are You A Match?

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Today's post stemmed from my daily devotional.

Are You A Match or A Mismatch?

Spiritual mismatch is often used to describe a marriage between a believer and a non-believer or a relationship between two believers that share different beliefs about their faith.  

Are you aware that some Born Again Christians that are married to non-believers sometimes feel like a spiritual widow - they feel isolated, lonely, discouraged and they sometimes feel distance from their spouse? 
Some of them wish God will give them the power to change their spouse to a Christian.
For those that are married to non-believers spouse or became a Christian after your solemization, please, keep praying for your spouse, ask God to comfort and encourage you, tell God that you need Him to teach you how to show the love of Christ in your home even when things appear difficult.
Remember, God loves your spouse more than you do, and His desire is for your spouse to know Him.

For those that are not yet married and you are considering whether you and your spouse to-be are spiritually compatible even if he/she is a believer already.
Consider the following questions, discuss the questions with your spouse to-be, use the below questions to observe your prospective spouse or use subtle ways to informally quiz your prospective spouse.

NB: The answers are just typical examples of responses from various people.
1) Spiritual Growth
a - It comes from purposely spending time alone with God, reading the Word of God and learning from others.
b - It happens when it happens
c - I don't understand what Spiritual growth is about.
d - It's not needed, the Holy Spirit will teach me all things.

2) Money
a - Everything that I have is God's, so I'm happy to give generously.
b - I've earned my money on my own, so I can spend it however I want.

3) Sharing My faith
a - Witnessing is done by Evangelist and Missionaries. I will not be witnessing with you.
b - Evangelism is a lifestyle and the best way to win people to Christ is to love them unconditionally and to also create time to witness to people.
4) Hospitality
a - I don't like having visitors. I only like having a few friends to my place and they must not stay over.
b - I love having people over including my siblings, it's a way to connect with others spiritually and to show act of kindness.

5) Weekends
a - All weekends must be spent at my father's place, it's our tradition, even after church.
b - I believe in keeping my weekends for God and it's a time to reconnect back to God.
c - Weekend is for watching TV, a time to rest and a time to hang out with friends.
6) Background
a - I'm from an affluent background, I dislike people that are not educated. I must have designer products.
b - I'm from a middle class background, however, I have relatives that are not educated, I shop anywhere.
7) Bible Study
a - I study my Bible on a daily basis.
b - I learn the Word when I attend church.
8) Sex
a - I cannot marry someone that has engaged in any form of fornication.
b - I don't believe in having pre-marital sex, however, I am okay with kissing and touching.
c - I believe in no THKS before marriage (No inappropriate touching, no inappropriate hugging, no kissing and no sex).
9) Conflicts
a - I believe a man is never wrong and a wife must always apologise to her husband at all times during conflicts.
b - I believe men and women must submit to one another and pray to God to help them, and to seek counsel.
c - I don't think conflicts will occur.
d - We will solve issues as they arise.
10) Interests
a - I enjoy travelling to different countries, I would love to move to Australia.
b - I enjoy travelling within my vicinity, I don't want to move away from England due to my family.
c - I hate travelling.

I hope you have found the above useful. You can also create your own questions. Remember, you and your spouse should work towards being a match before you marry. In addition, it is VITAL that both of you are Born Again Christians, however, it takes more than being a Born Again Christian to be a match for each other, you need to discuss your values, background, health, finance, some vital biblical principles, amongst others with each other.
Peradventure, you both share similar interests, similar dreams and goals, and the individual is not a Born Again Christian or the individual is not a humble Christian, you need to go back to God and seek God's view. I pray the Lord God will lead and direct you right in Jesus name. Remember to trust Him and allow Him to lead you. 

Finally, 2 Corinthians 6:14 says: Stop forming inappropriate relationships with unbelievers. Can right and wrong be partners? Can light have anything in common with darkness? (God's Word Translation Bible). God's view about this is very clear, He does not want you to form a very close relationship with people that have not given their lives to Christ. Nonetheless, still allow God to direct you.

Have a wonderful week.  Remember to share this post. There's sharing in ministry. If you have any questions regarding this post, feel free to write your comment below or send an email to

- Myss Lafunky

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  1. as healthy as relationships are believers must learn to sustain relationships which will secure a place in heaven. a question i tend to ask individuals is who stands as your closest friend? i cant be a child of God and have one who would not encourage me to serve the Lord closest to me. in as much as different people play important roles in our lives the ones we readily run to on vital things such as spiritual matters and other forms of counselling and interaction better be found among the family of God. the first indices in marital lines is the encounter genuine of such person with Jesus as Lord and Saviour with direct and specific experiences of the power of God accompanied with viable testimonies of that which God can do in the life of a man.