Monday 8 September 2014

Sexual Sins in My Relationship: Turning It Around

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I was asked if I was a Youth Pastor. I'm not actually a Youth Pastor, I have passion to help singles, teenagers, youth and all Christians in respect to the 3 R's ( Relationship with God, Relationship with your spouse, your spouse to be, and Relationship with People). It's my passion and ministry. I don't need a special title to make a difference.

I was also asked if I am paid to run my blog. The answer is No. This is a Non-Profit organisation. Myss Lafunky is a Non-Profit teaching blogspot for Christian users of the Internet. The materials on the blog can be used by anyone, I am particularly pleased when the blog has been referenced and when people make use of the materials. Nonetheless, if you don't reference the blog after you have used a material, it's not a problem at all, as long the message is being spread to everyone.
Another Christian ministry has recently blessed Myss Lafunky. I am extremely grateful, I feel honoured and humbled. All the Glory and honour belong to God. goes the post for this week. Remember to share the post with your friends and your Internet friends.

The following is the story of Lola and Ade..

Ade met Lola many years ago when she was just finishing her A levels. Ade was a worldly, fun-loving, handsome young man, and she was also a fun, young lady but from an upper middle class background, she seldom attended any party.

Lola and Ade were both church goers, they identified themselves as Christians in title, but without the right knowledge about relationships, neither did they knew God's position on relationships (dating and courtship).

In the course of their relationship, their relationship became quite romantic, passions and lust got the better of their relationships. They engaged in the THKS (Touching, Hugging inappropriately, Kissing and Sex). Due to their worldly mindset, they thought it was not possible to go out with someone without engaging in THKS and they also felt that, as long they were not engaging in THKS with other people, they were fine.

As they grew in age and after about 2 years into their relationship, Lola and Ade became serious with their Christian lives. They started reading their Bible more, they started reading blogs about courtship, they started attending Christian seminars, Christian programmes; they learnt a lot about Christian relationships. Lola and Ade pondered on whether they should continue their relationship given that they had done the worst thing you could ever imagined, they had defiled themselves. Lola and Ade decided to separate for a year and they started all over again. During their one year gap, they became platonic friends. They had to get rid of sexual emotions.

Initially, Lola and Ade struggled to relate with each other as mere friends, having engaged in THKS before.  However, God renewed their minds. God reminded that, He had forgiven their sins and He would not remember their sins no more. God told them that He was ready to give them a second chance as He had a purpose that He wanted to fulfil in their lives.
As Lola and Ade's friendship developed, they had to deal with all the hidden issues of their relationships, they had to learn about purity in courtship, purity in marriage, purpose of courtship, purpose of a relationship, how to stay pure in courtship, how to be a friend with your spouse to be, they also took time to pray extensively, they had a mentor that they opened up to who supported them during this process. The learning, strict boundaries, open communication with each other, and the safety mechanism (having a mentor, supervision from their mentor) prevented them from falling into sin as they sought God's Will for their relationship.

The new relationship was built on God's principles. Lola and Ade humbled themselves to learn about Christian courtship, they adopted a teachable spirit, and they took time to hear from God during every stage of their relationship.

While Lola and Ade's courtship started wrongly in the first two years, after they separated for a year, they were able to rebuild their relationship. They started a new courtship based on Godly principles for 18 months, and after 18 months, they tied the knot. 

Lola and Ade wished they had the right knowledge from the inception of their courtship, they were not taught in church about purity neither were they taught by their parents.
Lola and Ade no longer have any regrets as they have continued to stand on God's Word which says, 'There is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.'

To Myss Lafunky's readers and followers
Have you missed it along the way? Have you defiled yourself in a lustful way? This is the time to get it right, God is ready to help you. Are you ready to take the bold step to live a pure life in your next relationship or in your present relationship?

It is to be noted that, while God told Lola and Ade to get back together, God's instructions for you may be different. God may tell you to break the wrong foundation that you have laid by breaking your relationship entirely. You need to ask God about your own relationship or seek counsel from a Christian mentor or counsellor, or someone knowledgeable about Christian courtships.

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- Myss Lafunky

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