Saturday 10 May 2014

I Cheated On My Fiancée: Should I Confess My Past Sin?

Hi Myss Lafunky,

My wedding is approaching, I cheated on my fiancée, I slept with my ex, it was my first time of having sex.
I have asked God for forgiveness. I want to tell my wife-to-be, however, I feel that if I inform her, she may call off the wedding. I don't want to tell her as God has forgiven me, and I have made a promise to God not to cheat anymore. I have also cut off every forms of communication with my ex.

What's your view?

Hi readers,

Please offer your view to the above issue.


  1. I would advise you to tell her as it may come up in the future. How would you feel if she is hiding such secret from you as well? Although God has forgiven you, like you said, part of repentance, it will be advisable for you to tell her. You want your holy matrimony to be based on truth not on deceit.I pray the Lord God will guide you into the way to go in Jesus name. God said that the truth will set you free, please tell your spouse-to-be, and take it from there, be prepared to be remorseful about your past sin, also know that, she is very likely to be angry with you.

  2. I am all for honesty in relationships, especially when you are going to be married to this person. She will be upset no doubt, possibly raging mad but you will earn her respect to a certain degree as opposed to her finding out herself (dont underestimate the resourceful sherlock in every woman). Now bear in mind that respect doesnt equate to trust, that, you would have to work on. Its easier to start your life on a guilt free foundation coz guy if the foundation is faulty and destroyed, how man go do? (my version). So pls suck it up & tell her and whatever the consequences I hope & pray you come out better for it. :)

    1. Thank you Ella for your comment. I agree, honesty in relationships should be promoted and encouraged.