Monday 12 May 2014

Rebirth: 20 Ways to show you love somebody (without having sex)

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I have written several posts on maintaining purity, say no to THKS, don't judge me I do not kiss, amongst others.

Some of our readers have requested for a post to be written on how to show their feelings toward their beloved and how they can appreciate each other.

I'm aware that some of you are of the view that it is not possible to maintain your purity when you are in a relationship.
I would love to read your comment about why you think it is not possible. Feel free to email me on

Part of my mission is to help you to learn the RIGHT WAY of dating/courting in this secular world.

For you to DARE to be DIFFERENT for God.

For you to 'UNLEARN' some of the wrong messages that you might have heard about relationships or wrong messages that might have fed your mind unconsciously.

I am of the view that once you start feeding your mind with the right knowledge, your views are likely to change, therefore, your actions would change. You are also likely to pass your new knowledge to other people.

I would encourage you and your spouse-to-be to learn each others love languages, if you are not in a relationship, you can also learn your love languages, click here for the long language quiz.

It is to be noted that your love languages may change in future, pending on your life experiences, renewal of minds, and the new knowledge that you are gaining on a daily basis.

If you are single and your love language happens to be 'physical touch', this will need to be addressed in your relationship, as you cannot engage in touching whilst you are courting.

You also need to examine why you like physical touch, you must ask yourself some questions (Why do I enjoy being touched? What would God do? Is their a hint of immorality when I am touched? Would God see it as an act of purity or lust?).

Here is the rebirth of the blog post that was written over a year ago, the post was written on 11th April 2013.

Click here to read the previous post and comments.

20 WAYS to show you love somebody (without having sex)

This list is not exhaustive.  Feel free to add to the list and share your ideas.

      1)    Make sure the other person feels important and respected. 

2)    Be there when they need a friend.

3)    Tell the other person you love them - Practice love by being: (Kind, patient, not to be jealous of each other, not to get upset easily,  not to keep record of wrongs, not being selfish, trust each other).

4)    Spend time together/Go for a meal/Go shopping/Share your interests and participate in both of your interests/pray together/fast together.

5)    Talk on the telephone, use modern technology to communicate.

6)    Read books and discuss them.

7)    Meet each other’s friends.

8)    Laugh at something funny together/Share jokes/Watch movies.

9)    Be faithful.

10) Go sightseeing/visit places together (Day trips).

11) Meet each other’s families.

12) Tell the person that you care.

13) Find out what makes each other happy.

14) Find out what makes the other sad.

15) Have your pictures taken together.

16) Go to a concert.

17) Give compliments.

18) Listen to each other’s worries and help each other. Devise a vision for your courtship. 

19)  Exchange gifts

20) Be best friends. Learn your strengths, habits and weaknesses. Discuss your future plans, learn about each other’s families, how to treat them, etc.

 Feel free to add to the list.

Be sociable and share this post with others.  A lot of singles/young people need to learn the right way of expressing their love. Kindly add to their knowledge by sharing this post.

- Myss Lafunky




  1. This is a powerful piece. All humans like to be appreciated hence love expressions go a long way to minister to the needs of others. an individual who is loved by another with the intentions to marry can be done in such a way with sex not brought into consideration. a listening ear, a gift on special occasions, surprises at unexpected time, special treats make another feel at home and secure. we all seek companionship. both genders have emotional needs because both genders like to feel wanted and loved and quite a number of expressions would make this possible. a mentality that sex is reserved for marriage is one that must be programmed from now and that our relationships with the same sex and opposite sex which could result in marriage could be sustained through other means. you must get to know what makes you tick and excited which is your love language and this would helo another to reach out to you nicely and you would appreciate. Guys and babes you must discover and know the love language of your intended partner so your attention would be far away from sex. Happy reflection as you decide and purpose in your heart to uphold the principles of scripture.

    1. Thank you anonymous for your contribution. I agree with your points.