Monday 10 March 2014

Your Relationship with God: Ten Things to Consider As a Young Person

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A) The scene is being made clear for the youth to walk the work of Christ on earth.

B) Parents have toiled and are no longer able to do a whole lot of things and are passing the baton unto the youth or better still the younger generation.

C) The earlier days of our godly Christian parents when they first received the gospel of peace (the salvation gospel) was explosive, full of passion and zeal. They conquered territories. They gave for the propagation of the gospel. Their lives were not all about the jobs or their businesses.

D) Today the priority seems to have shifted. The average youth is concerned about the accumulation of certificates in academics (GCSEs, BSc, BA, MBBS, MBA Ph.D, LLM LLB, ACCA, etc) and other professional qualifications. There is nothing about the faith on the agenda. The youth seem content with attending church services when available and when convenient.

E) Good jobs with high salaries are the utmost dimension of fulfilment (Hmm..can you relate to this?)

F)  Prayer meetings are left for the aged ones who are believed to have lived their lives and the youth have to live their own lives now.

G)  Matthew 6.33 is now misunderstood whereas it is the formula for greatness or rather success as far as God is concerned. The order of concerns in this verse is the kingdom of God following which all other things are added. Today, the order being applied which is failing us is all other things following which the kingdom of God.
‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you’.

H) Priorities need be placed on God for best outcomes to be made. An interest in that which pertains to God must be developed for the move of God to be mightier than we know it to be.

I) God must not be portrayed as our last resort in circumstances or our emergency hotline.

J) Scriptures says Enoch walked with God and it further states that God is our ever present help in the times of trouble. God is always their for us, He is always by our side.

K) Now is the time to get closer and more intimate with God.

L) Your success in life is not the issue on the floor here but rather the issue of your relationship with God . Myss Lafunky quoted from the Bible: What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? (Matthew 16:26).


Things must turn out to be the Lord's way of doing things. Your parents must no longer be seen as the architect of your future by virtue of the contributions they have made in your life in terms of financial input and counsel alongside bringing you up in the way of God.

Note - If your parents are not Born Again Christians, break the chain and dedicate your life to Christ. Ensure the generation from you know the Lord.

Myss Lafunky noted the below 10 things for Young People to take into consideration regarding their relationship with God:

I) Choose to follow ALL His teachings. Once you have the desire to follow Him, The Holy Spirit will help you.
2) Prioritise Him first in all that you do, including in your everyday routine, during exams time, etc.
3) Talk to Him everyday..even before you check your social media/before you speak to anybody.
4) Dare to be different for God in your everyday choices and decisions.
5) Know what God likes and what He does not like ( You will only know what God likes when you read the Holy Bible and when you pray to Him).
6) Be a Giver! 
7) Always ask God for instructions and counsel before you do anything.
8) Never think you know it all, even if you have given your life to Christ for over a decade ago.
9) Pray to God about your family, lost souls and relatives.
10) Continue to develop a good character. Always work on your weaknesses.

Oluwatosin Olatoye

About the writer: Tosin is a trained Lawyer. He lives in Warri, Nigeria.  Tosin has a passion for God and everything to do with living right for God.  

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