Monday 3 March 2014

Winning the Respect of Others. Must I?

Happy Monday to my lovely followers and readers!

How was your weekend? Hope you had a great weekend?  I had an awesome weekend! I attended a bridal shower and it was amazing to see my friends. We all gathered from all over England to say our well-wishes to our bride-to-be before she cleaves to her husband and before she is licensed to have sex:).

I was given a book to read, the book is titled 'Winning with People by John Maxwell'.  I'm in the process of completing the book. The first 50 pages have made me to focus a lot on my own actions and thought pattern rather than how others react or how they think.

The main focus of the book is about winning with people. I questioned the title of the book. I asked myself, must I win with people? Must I win the respect of others? The answers were right in the Bible. Isn't it interesting that the Bible has all the answers to every questions you may have?

The Bible says:

" So that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders.." (1 Thessalonians 4:12-NIV)

When others look at our lives, what do they see?  Do the way we live our lives show that we are Jesus Christ's representatives here on earth?

In line with the above scripture, Joel Osteen stated that "Our daily life should win the respect of others".

For us to ensure that we win the respect of others, we must apply the below principle which is rooted from the Word of God:

Have self-control.
Understand it from other people's point of view (In the John Maxwell's book, this is referred to as 'the Power of Perspective).
Make other people's interest your own.
Admit it when you are wrong.
Never Criticize publicly.

Reason don't argue.
Explain thoroughly.
Lead don't drive.
Avoid snap judgements.
Take care of little things.
Inform people of matters affecting them.
Offer helpful suggestions..
Never make promises you cannot keep.
Stress the positive always.

NB - Thanks to my special friend and companion who shared the above principle with me, and usually ensures that any time that I err, reference is made to the above principle.

Dare to be different. Copy and keep a copy of the above principle and apply it. The acronym for it is HUMAN-RELATIONS.

Implementing the principle would help us to be an example in our speech, in conduct, in purity, in love, in faith, in everything.

                          Here's a little Prayer 
Lord Jesus, I dedicate every area of my life and emotions to you today. Lord Jesus, help me to live my daily life as an example of Your love. Let me honour and please you in all that I do, so that my daily life wins respect of others in Jesus name (Amen).

- Myss Lafunky
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  1. this is true account. all about the life of a Christ follower must be centred on Christ for Christ is interested in every detail. we relate with persons we value and we can extend same to God for in him we live move and have our being. nothing happens in our life without the approval of Christ hence we must acknowledge his enablement in everything we do then the full blessedness will avail us at all time