Tuesday 17 December 2013

Help! The Devil's in my Pocket.

I went for a beautiful dance production and before I knew what was happening my 2 year old had whipped out my phone switched on the camera and was ready to start taking pictures...I looked at her and smiled. The advent of mobile phones in our lives has brought a massive change to our way of thinking. I remember when gsm was introduced...the aim was to bring people closer and together I believe. 

It was heavenly being able to call your friends and families from distant places, and as technology developed so did our thinking. We were only too happy to be in touch with our loved ones then it moved to being able to send them pictures without having to scan the images. When God gives a gift its meant to give us Joy! "for his gifts brings Joy and adds no sorrow". But the devil will never let it be! So he rears his ugly head and infuses his own touch to this amazing gifts and that's why people will rather use their phones these days to capture sordid images. Thereby propagating the works of the evil doers knowingly or unknowingly.

It's so easy for us now to see a drowning person and instead of calling for help we whip out our phones and start recording the images just so to share it with the world....how sick can that be. We can use a lot of our time to evangelise and tell people more about the good things of life than share images of burnt Kano victims or sick adults molesting children. Even if you do record a crime please forward it to the necessary authorities and let it end there. If 70% of us refuse to forward silly videos the world will be much for it. We can leave that to the news channels..,it's not cool at all. I'm quite happy to open links to clips of bovi or I go die o doing their thing. Or a very nice inspirational word that will put me in high spirits all day but please think before you forward sick links.

I know a lot of this links generate prayer points but you may as well just write it or pray it. Our God is a God of intense imagination...I mean he created the world and all that is in it...look at the intricate delicate patterns on some animals or some of those beautiful flowers. Remember he created us in his own image so that means our level of imagination should at least be worth something. So please guys Abeg let's spend our time forwarding responsible and encouraging images and start to nip this viral and corrupt broadcasts in the bud..

Can a child play with your phone without seeing something that can traumatise them? Let's think .....stay blessed.

- Notes
 This post was written by one of my sisters.  She focused on the role of technology and its use, and our role.


  1. Very true indeed. Media and technology is something we have to be vigilant about. The devil is using it big time and corrupting our younger ones and even diverting our minds from what is important. E.g. You are in church and instead of connecting with God, a message drops on our phone and spend d whole service messaging people. With regards to sharing these things I don't see anything wrong with it personally if its with the right motive. However people need to be careful with what they share. Is it something that is readily available or r u d first recipient, do u have rights etc.
    If its to create awareness then it may be good. For instance u may be thinking of going to a city where there is riot n people r being killed, by knwing the info, u avoid those places..How many people read d news. By knowing we can even channel our prayers to those sad happenings.The world of social media and technology has taking over and I see little that we can do, but what we can do is use it positively, I.e. To make a change. Listening to comedy is nice but life is full of challenges and issues. Oneday we might read a happy news and the other day, it will may be sad. Awareness, information and knowledge is good and educative, and can even save lives. Let's face it not everyone will have a video and then take it to the government because we r all different. But at least by sharing, it will hopefully reach someone who has a deeper understanding and do something like taking it to right people. God bless

    1. Thanks for your comment. I'm actually guilty of it actually. I sometimes Facebook/respond to messages whilst I'm in church or bored in a place that I shouldn't be texting. Internet, social media certainly have it's place in this dispensation. I agree totally with your comment. I once did a research about impact of social media in social work practice.

  2. I agree some are not nice and i will opt out of watching some and personally not even share them on media.but I owe a vast amount of world happenings information I have to links, videos etc people have shared. Dnt forget the links can take u to a news article that will have pictures/videos. Imagery is a better communication tool dan words for us mortals. sharing is not neccessaring promoting evil and not neccessarily saying we want God to see them.God is all knowing and he even knows whether we write or video or capture, Bcos he is omnipresent.

    1. I remember the social movement in Nigeria about the
      Politician who said something about 'Oga at the top'. It went so viral. I also remember you wrote a post to remind us not to make fun of the man.

      Thank you for your comment. I'm very grateful.
      I'm at a conference now, and my technology (IPad) is very useful at the moment,

    2. lol at using technlogy atm....u r welcome. btw d post was more referring to people who went to d extend of maakng games, films, songs etc about it..lol. merry christmas

  3. "It's so easy for us now to see a drowning person and instead of calling for help we whip out our phones and start recording the images just so to share it with the world....how sick can that be!" That is indeed sick and senseless. When we are in positions to help, we ought to help! God help us!