Monday 25 November 2013

6 ways of correcting people in love (3 of 3)

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Here is the final part of  the post: 'correcting people in love'. I hope you have gained something from the post.

The below stemmed from what has been documented in the Bible, from my experience and experience of other people.

6 ways of correcting people in love:

1.   Show the person his fault in private.  (Nonetheless, be directed by God as God may not want you to show the person his or her fault in private. I'm just thinking of the scripture that says that 'Better is open rebuke than hidden love' (Proverbs 27:5). 

2.   Be gentle in your speech (whatever style of communication) and in your approach.

3.   Do not hate or dislike the individual.

4.   Be kind to the individual

5.   Pray for the individual.

6.   If the individual does not listen, pray for the individual again. If the error is so pertinent, the next stage is to take two or three witnesses with you to speak to the individual (How many of us still practise this?).

My experience
I remember I corrected an individual in love; however, the tone of my language was not pleasant as I came across as being judgemental and abrupt. I have also corrected people both publicly and private.

As part of my personal development and having studied the importance of correcting people in love and the implications of not correcting people in love, I am better informed in regards to correcting others in love.

I have two questions for you readers and followers? 

  • Do you have an example of how you corrected someone in love and how the person accepted your counsel? 
  • Or do you have an example of how you could have improved on how you corrected an individual?
  • Do you have an example of being corrected? How did you feel?    
    - Myss Lafunky

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