Monday 8 January 2018

Speak of Future Events with Certainty

Hello Readers & Followers, 

Wherever you are in the world, I trust that you are now in Year 2018. I use this medium to wish you a Happy New Year. Have a beautiful year ahead!

As you start this new week, I'd like to encourage you with this short message about speaking positive of future events with as much certainty as though they were already past (Romans 4:17b).

Did you know that speaking of future events as much certainty is a statement of faith that you are making?

Did you also know that speaking of future events with certainty requires you to rely, trust and have confidence in God through Jesus Christ? 

There was a time that I had spoken positive (both in the secret and publicly) about my future job to everyone that had asked me of when I was starting work; I said the month that I was planning to start work; all this was shared in faith. I had full confidence in God and I knew God was in a position to perfect everything that pertained to my job.

As I regularly spoke positive about my job and my start date, my faith in my declaration became stronger and my thoughts remained positive, I did not panic. Not only did I declare positively about my future job, I ensured that I participated in fasting and prayers and I asked my husband to pray alongside. Jesus Christ said that some prayers cannot be answered except we fast and pray, thus, I embarked on prayer and fasting. Did you know that you can fast and pray to God about anything and everything? Did you know that it also strengthens your faith when you ask others including your spouse to pray alongside you?

In this whole period, I was not idle and I did my part through doing the right WORKS by applying for jobs. To cut the long story short, God chose to honour my dependence on Him and He brought to pass all the confessions that I had made. What a faithful God! No wonder God said that His blessings are on the people that rely, hope and trust on Him. What a beautiful assurance.

"My blessing is on those people who trust in me, who put their confidence in me."
(Jeremiah 17:7) 

Are you reading this and you are trusting God for something? Please do not give up, keep speaking positives of those things with certainty and believe that God will do it. 

Don't forget to implement all the necessary works that the Lord wants you to undertake while you are waiting for your answers. I pray that the Lord God will direct your steps unto every good works that you need to implement for your blessings to come in Jesus' name. 

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Let's talk...
  1. Are there requests that God granted you when you had spoken positive about those things?
  2. What will make God not to answer some of the requests that you have spoken positives about?
  3. Or would He always answer all your requests that you speak of with certainty in His Word?

See you next week Monday for another post from Myss Lafunky's blog.

Have a lovely week!