Monday 17 August 2015

Be Creative With Your Praise To God

Are you alive today? If Yes, you have met the criteria to praise God as the Bible says let everything that has breath praise the Lord (Psalm 150:6).

Psalm 150 describes a wide variety of different musical forms of praise: “Praise the Lord with the sounding of the trumpet, praise Him with the harp and lyre, praise Him with timbrel and dancing, praise Him with the strings and pipe, praise Him with the clash of cymbals and praise Him with resounding cymbals. 

Music is a powerful form of expressing our deep feelings from our souls to God.

Consider Praising God...

1a) In the Good time: Declare His Goodness over your life through music. 

1b) Give Him a sacrifice of praise: Hebrews 13:15: “Through Jesus … let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise – the fruit of lips that openly profess his name.” 
After failing my driving test for the second time, I was encouraged by a friend to give God praise. I was clueless as to why I needed to praise God, after all, He did not answer my request. I remembered the scripture that says "Give thanks in all situations' I humbled myself and I took some time to thank God for safe driving during the test and I said to God that, I looked forward to passing when He felt I was ready to drive independently.

When you give God a sacrifice of praise, you're declaring that you trust God no matter the situations and you believe He is still God. To believe is to have faith, and our faith pleases God. 

2) In the morning: Start your morning by praising God and sing a new song unto Him.

3) In the noon time: Take a quick break in the afternoon to sing a song of worship to God. A song that expresses how your day is going and who God is to you.

4) In the evening: Sing another song unto God.

5) Before bed time: Thank Him for the day. If you can play an instrument; this is an opportunity to play music unto God.

Sing a new song unto God. Incorporate praising God into your lifestyle. 

Watch this video and be blessed as you listen:

- Myss Lafunky
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