Wednesday 22 July 2015

Grow Up!! Be Like Christ

God is telling you that if you allow jealousy, unforgiveness, pride, hatred to be in your heart, when you segregate other believers because you think you are the best, when you constantly fight and argue, when you have temper tantrums, amongst others. God is telling you that you are babies and you need to grow up in Christ. (This resonated with me as it is making me to question how I am seen by God, am I a baby that is being fed with milk or solid? It's time for you also to assess yourself).

1 Corinthians 3:1-3 NIRV says: 

"Brothers and sisters, I couldn't speak to you as if you were guided by the Holy Spirit. I had to speak to you as if you were following the ways of the world. You aren't growing as Christ wants you to. You are still like babies. The words I spoke to you were like milk, not like solid food. You weren't ready for solid food yet. And you still aren't ready for it. You are still following the ways of the world. Some of you are jealous. Some of you argue. So aren't you following the ways of the world? Aren't you acting like ordinary human beings?”

Prayer: Lord Jesus, take away everything that is hindering me from being like you in Jesus name. May I be a true ambassador of Christ in my lifestyle and in my thought in Jesus name.

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