Friday 2 January 2015

Highlights of the Year 2014: Happy New Year 2015 to Our Readers & Followers

Hi Readers & Followers,

Welcome to Year 2015.

Whatever country you reside or are currently visiting, I'm certain that it will be Year 2015 by now.

I bless God for keeping you and your loved ones to see the new year 2015. Let's not take God's Goodness for granted because some people would have wished to be able to rejoice and be jubilant on New Year's day but they are no more alive.

Highlights of Myss Lafunky's Blog in 2014.

The most viewed posts:

- Is Kissing and Romance a Sin during courtship?

- Don't Judge me, I'm in love and I do not kiss.

- I kept my virginity and not purity.

- My Marriage is based on lies: Can I Re-Marry?

The most sought after counsel: Staying Pure in courtship and dealing with different addictions.

My Appreciation Goes to You!
I would like to use this medium to say thank you to my committed readers & followers and thanks to those that have taken their time to send in complimentary messages to appreciate the work that I'm doing.

Thanks to other Christian blogs that have allowed me to share my blog posts with them and thank you to the other bloggers that are following me as part of their blog roll.

Appreciation also goes to the people that have commented on the posts and to those that have shared the links of the blogspot with their friends and social media friends.

I would like to thank those that have taken their time to share their personal stories with me.  I hope counsel and guidance from Myss Lafunky's Team have made a difference and transformed you for the better.

Finally, I would like to thank Myss Lafunky's team for Year 2014, obviously myself, Twale, Ifeoluwanimi and Tosin. We have also had a contribution from a Christian Grandmother in order to seek further guidance about a counsel that was sought.

Question to you
  • What has been your highlights on Myss Lafunky's blog post?
  • Do you have a particular post that has inspired you? Or a post that you felt was very informative?
For this Year, Myss Lafunky's welcomes you to share your stories, comments, feedbacks or any topics that you would like us to treat in this New Year.
You can send your email to

- Myss Lafunky
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  1. Well the blog has being very useful in averting the minds of all readers and even the contributors to the blog (the 2014 team appreciated). each of the discussions have imparted my life and allowed for a certain consciousness of obvious realities which will make the Christian journey more real and possible. the world is a market place and many are faced with differing situations and this blog has helped through its presentation to address such situations with scriptures and unveil the truth simplicita.
    with this i would appreciate the lead team leader Myss Lafunky for yielding herself to be used to help humanity and in particular the body of Christ through this platform. in 2015 i pray that God will yet use you in a different way

    1. Aww. Thank you so much. Amen. I look forward to people contributing through commenting, through writing for the blog, etc.
      I pray God will make me a vessel unto honour this year in Jesus name. I also pray that my service to this blog this year and everyone else that will be writing will be acceptable by God in Jesus Christ.