Monday 15 December 2014

Why Seek Ye The Living Among The Dead?

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Happy Monday to you all. It's countdown to Christmas, it's literally 10 days to Christmas. Are you ready for Christmas?

I performed a Spoken Word about Christmas to a group of young Christians. I will share a written version of the poetry with you all next week by God's Grace.

Today's post was written by my friend. You should be familiar with my darling Ifeoluwanimi, she's a regular writer on my blog and a big supporter of this blog right from the inception.

Please read and be transformed.

                                 Why Seek Ye The Living Among The Dead?

I went to the store today to get some dry yeast. I knew it was in the baking section but I expected it to come in a small plastic container and not a sachet. So I went through the baking section several times, spoke to many attendants, who kept telling me it will be in the baking section. I was desperate to get some yeast so I kept going back to check but still couldn’t find it. One attendant asked me to go to the store’s bakery to ask. I was given fresh yeast at the bakery. Fresh yeast! The recipe I wanted to follow says dry yeast so I returned the yeast and went one last time to speak to another attendant. He was kind enough to explain that the yeast will be on the top counter on the baking aisle. I looked a little more closely and finally I found the dry yeast. It was in a small sachet, tucked away nicely in a larger box. And to think I had spent almost 30 minutes roaming the store!

The Holy Spirit made me realize that, so many times we want something from God but we don’t recognize the gift because we have a preconceived idea of what the gift should look like. So we keep walking in circles, asking God and He tells us through His Word (The Bible) where we can find what we are looking for. Some people ask the wrong people who give a solution that seems reasonable. Just like I was asked to go to the bakery. Oh yes, the bakery should stock yeast isn’t it? While some people get discouraged and walk out of the store, “if its not in the baking section we don’t have it” just like one attendant said. They agree in their minds that they will get it some other time.

Some others go with the wrong product. Just because it said yeast doesn’t mean the yeast is the right kind of yeast I needed for my baking. Thank God I knew the recipe so I didn’t buy the product. Some of us want certain things from God but we have not checked what God’s Word says about what we are looking for so we go with the wrong product. The disciples were looking for Jesus in the tomb because they didn’t remember what God’s Word said about Jesus’ resurrection. The angel said “Why seek ye the living among the dead?” Some people want a spouse, but they don’t know what God’s word says about the kind of man to marry so they go with just any man. 2 Timothy 3:1-5 (Please, open this bible verses) tells us the kind of people to turn away from. If God already says in his word that we should have nothing to do with a certain kind of people, we won’t make a mistake being with such.

I was persistent, desperate. I walked round the store a couple of time before I found attendants to talk to. I ended up leaving the store with the yeast; the right kind of yeast. According to Jeremiah 29:11-13, you need to Know God’s plans, pray and seek God with all your heart before you find Him.

So, what is that thing you are seeking God for? Are you seeking the Lord earnestly? Are you desperate or you have an alternative? Do you know what God’s Word says about what you are seeking? Have you studied the scriptures so that you can recognize the opportunities God brings our way? Do you have a preconceived idea of what you think it should look like according to your wisdom? Remember the wisdom of men is foolishness. Are you asking the wrong people for advice? Are you seeking in the wrong places just like the women sought Jesus in the tomb? Do NOT seek the living among the dead!

- Ifeoluwanimi Adebara
About the writer: Ifeoluwanmi is a daughter of God. A selfless daughter of Grace, who loves helping others. Ifeoluwanimi's desire is for Christians to be True disciples of Jesus, for Christians to live and be directed by the Holy Spirit.


  1. The sustaining truth we need to go through each day of our lives is found in the Lord and contained in his word. there is no situation that is not addressed in his word we just need to encounter it or come in contact with it. Genuine peace, joy etc are found in God and not in any other medium we go looking for it such as in a lover, with a native doctor, with our last boyfriend, in seclusion etc we just must know how to come to Jesus who has no token to take from us but just needs our heart. The season of Christmas reminds us of his love which caused to seek us out and redeem us by his blood hence he was born just like any of us on the planet earth, was confronted with a number of challenges as any of us today and found succour in the scriptures which is the only antidote to any situation we face today. Lets seek Jesus wholeheartedly and we will definitely find him.
    Ifeoluwanimi, you are a blessing indeed. God bless you indeed

    1. Very true. Thank you for taking time to comment.
      The Word of God is full of all the answers that we need for every situation.
      We will only know if we create time to read the Word and also if we have a relationship with Jesus Christ.