Monday 30 June 2014

Peace | Love | Courtship - A Post By Two Friends

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One of my closest girlfriends (She wrote this post: Rag to Riches) who has also been a regular supporter and contributor of my blog; we had a discussion about peace and we have decided to share our discussions with you our readers. We are looking forward to your views.

Here goes the post for this week:

Dialogue between Ife and I:
Not long ago, there was a post on Facebook about how a young lady's fiancĂ© had broken up with her on the basis of his lack of peace. She said his conviction at the inception of the relationship was peace and now that he feels he has lost it, he had to end the relationship.  Ife and I found this quiet strange, considering that a lot of Christians misuse the word peace and equate it with what it is not. This led to our write up on peace. 

Myss Lafunky says: Ife, a lot of people usually say they felt the peace of God, hence they embarked on their relationship. But then again, there are no Bible verses that state that the peace of God is what you need before you embark on a relationship, unless I'm not aware of biblical verses regarding Peace and courtship.  Are you?

Ife says: How do the people know that what they felt was the peace of God? Can peace be quantified?

Were they given the go ahead to embark on the relationship because they felt the peace of God? Hmm...the word 'Peace' has been referenced loosely/and it is still used loosely by some of our Christian singles when people ask how they knew that Mr/Mrs Right was the one, they are quick to say 'I felt the Peace of God', "I was not troubled in my heart, hence I knew she/he was the one".  

Peace is not the absence of trouble. It is unrelated to circumstances and it has nothing to do with what happens on the outside or on the physical. Peace is the end result of total trust in God. Isaiah 53:3 says: "He keeps in perfect peace those whose hearts are stayed on him because He trusts in you".

Peace is confidence in God's ability to see you through any situation. A person who truly has the peace of God can endure a lot of hardship and still enjoy the peace that passes all understanding Philippians 4:6-7. 

The peace the world gives is only present when everything is fine and things are going smoothly. John 14:27 says my peace I give to you, not as the world gives.

Many Christians claim to have peace in their relationship when all is well while they lose it in trouble. This can never be the peace of God.

Peace is a dividend of righteousness, Isaiah 32:17-18 says: "The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.  My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest."

Peace comes to those who walk in righteousness, Romans 14:17 (For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit). 

The peace of God comes through the word of God as well as a leading through His spirit (click all this scriptures to read them) Luke 7:50 Luke 8:48, Luke 24:36, John 20:19-21 and Romans 8:5-6. 

We cannot claim peace over a certain issue without express instructions from God. If God gives us peace over an issue, the peace will remain permanent in trouble or in joy (Isaiah 54:10).

Before you start that relationship, let God lead you, so that when hard times come, you can rely on His initial instructions; you can always go back to God and seek clarity.

Remember God's word never fails Isaiah 55:11, Numbers 23:19Psalm 89:34.

We have many promises of His faithfulness in scriptures, we can hold on to them during the time of trouble and we can continue to enjoy His peace.

Final words from us, the Bible says in Psalm 119:165 that:

Great peace have those who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble (New International Version). This implies that, if you obey God's Word, you will have great peace, but if you do not obey God's commandments, you will stumble and the Great Peace of God will not be upon you.

Do you believe the presence of Peace is needed before you embark on your courtship journey?

Ife and I would really like to read your views about Peace, love and courtship.

Thanks for taking your time to read our post.

- Myss Lafunky and Ife


  1. Very interesting read. I love that "perfect peace is absolute trust in God". What I have found fascinating over time is the ease with which we humans tweak scriptures to satisfy our selfish desires. On the issue of loosing peace over a relationship, it is possible for one or both parties to have unrest in their hearts...if they flout God's instructions and principles. It is easy for the devil to capitalise on their guilt to cause loss of peace. If this is not the case, then I believe going back to God for further instruction is the solution. The same God who instructed Abraham to sacrifice his son is the same who told him not to and provided a sacrificial lamb.

    1. Thank you Ibijoke. I quite agree with you that it is possible to have unrest in one's heart over one's relationship. If that's the case, like you rightly is time to go back to God for further instruction.

      Thank you for your comment.

    2. True babes Ibijoke. That's why every believer must be in constant communion with Christ so that he can always hear from God. Abraham would have killed Isaac despite the ram if he wasn't listening.

  2. I think as Ibijoke mentioned, people satisfy their conscience by bending the word or taking it out of context.

    There is only 1 true way to to know Gods will, in the place of prayer, and fasting will declutter the noise. Our need to please the heart (flesh) causes us to give the accepted response, since no one can challenge the peace you feel.

    If the question is how long did u pray and fast before deciding, the cracks will start showing.

    1. Thank you Ajibola for your comment, certainly! Some people satisfy or twist the Word of God because of one reason or the other..but no reason is acceptable.
      You are right...since no one can challenge the Peace of could be easier for people to reference Peace. Nonetheless, the Peace of God is usually present for those who obey God..If however, you are troubled in your spirit about a is advisable to discuss it with God and also reflect on why you are troubled in your spirit.

      I'm not sure if how long one prays and fasts determine that one would get the best spouse/leads to cracks.

  3. Hmmn, this is a very sensitive issue. I believe the issue of marrige is something that should be sorted out in prayer before you and your God. Singles should also concentrate on God and building themselves rather than the image of that person you jave fantasized in your heart and God would reward you with the partner you deserve thus giving you full assuarance. Not peace as the word defines but God's kind of. I am happily married today and i know it cost me series of marathon fasting and prayers for years before it eventually happened. Ife is a witness cos she used to laugh at my thin stature back then in school though she never knew why i was always losing the weight.

    1. Thanks Ama. Thanks for sharing how you prepared for your relationship. Have you more put on weight now? :)
      I definitely agree with this sentence from you:
      "Singles should also concentrate on God and building themselves rather than the image of that person you jave fantasized in your heart and God would reward you with the partner you deserve thus giving you full assurance. Not peace as the word defines but God's kind of Peace".

  4. Peace is part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit available to children of God; an evidence that one has the Holy Spirit. Scripture says that those who are led by the spirit of God are the sons of God hence, the peace comes from instruction on what direction to take. Once, we start walking in the wrong direction, the Holy Spirit starts ringing a warning bell to return to the right path. We don't just walk in any path we feel like and expect to have peace. In fact, once we step into the wrong path, the spirit within us should start warning us immediately! The exception being when we refuse to listen.
    That said, I think it is time people stopped searching for wives or husbands and concentrated on finding God! Seek ye first the kingdom of God . . . I'm sure you know the rest right? I believe this applies in every area of our lives. If our hearts yearn after God, trust me, we won't need to fast and pray a hundred days for God to give us a good husband or wife. These are additional benefits of seeking God first. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we should not pray or fast as these are very important for us as believers but the focus should be to know God more and be closely drawn to him. Ps 34:10 says: "The young lions do lack and suffer hunger; But they who seek the LORD shall not be in want of any good thing." God will not try to confuse you when it's time to be married because you seek Him and he won't withhold such guidance from His child.
    For the person who lost the peace and therefore quit the relationship. Emmm... I don't understand Oo. If you lose peace over something won't you find out why from the giver of the Peace before quitting altogether? Just my thoughts anyway

  5. Some people may think it sounds spriritual to actually say that they felt at peace, hence prospective couple say that when you asked them.

    Be real if God didn't speak to you about your spouse. Just be honest and say how you met.
    People can be at peace even when they are doing the wring things.
    Also when God speaks to us, sometimes we may be troubled about what He told us, however, His peace is still within us.
    I believe some people confuse the peace of God with the peace of the world.

  6. Sounds excellent, and I believe the presence of Peace is needed before we can embark on our courtship journey.