Sunday 9 February 2014

The Bible in 4 month

Happy Sunday readers and followers!

What have you been up to?  Did you go to church today?

You are probably wondering why I'm sharing a post on a Sunday not Monday, RIghT? Though, I will still share my Monday post tomorrow, however, I was directed by God to share my Bible Plan with you. I am confident that, it will benefit at least one person.

Below is the plan (You can re-use the plan over and over again):

4 month Bible Reading Plan - Characters

How to use this reading plan:

1.    Explain This Bible Reading Plan: With this plan you will read the highlights about major characters in the Bible from Adam to Zechariah. This plan makes it easy to see the story of God's Word as you become acquainted with many important Characters in the Bible.

2.    What Translation should I use? We recommend reading the New King James Version. You can find it online in our Bible Study Helps section.

3.    Does the Translation really matter? We believe you can learn the truth of God's word from any legitimate translation to read the Bible, but beware that some "translations" are not really translations at all, but are rather Paraphrased. That means someone read the Bible and wrote it in their own words. Now, at times that may be helpful, but anywhere the author was mistaken about a passage, you will be reading the authors opinion, not what the Bible actually says. These types of "translations" often present themselves as "thought for thought" translations instead of "word for word", and truly they belong in the commentary section of your library instead of the translation section. Some examples of these would be "The Living Bible", "The Book", "The New World Translation", etc.

4.    Can I print this study plan? Yes! At the bottom of this page are links to printable MS Word and pdf document files which allow you to keep track of when you read each portion.
Do I need to start January 1st? No, you need to start today. If you begin today, you will finish 121 days from now.

5.    What if I fall behind? If you fall behind, don't worry -- just pick it back up right away so as not to fall further behind. Most weeks the reading schedule is not so rigorous that you couldn't catch up with a little extra reading.

6.    Should I do this alone or with someone? Many people find it helpful to choose a partner to help hold them accountable and encourage them in their spiritual life. It often helps for someone else to know what you are trying to do and ask you about your progress.

7.    When should I read? We have found it helpful to read the Bible as early in the day as possible. This will give you the entire day to reflect on what you have read, it also indicates its importance as we normally do our most important tasks first. As one Evangelist commonly says, “No Bible, No Breakfast. No Read, No Feed.”

8.    How is this reading plan organized? This plan is designed to have you reading some of both the Old and New Testaments each day.   

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