Wednesday 12 February 2014

Can I Pay My Tithe in Any Church?

Hi Myss Lafunky,

Please, put a blog out on the above question. I want people's responses and opinions.

To my lovely readers and followers, kindly include your voice below using the Word of God to back up your views or any personal experience that you want to share or teachings.

- Myss Lafunky.


  1. a cardinal question on the issue of tithe on this perspective is where I'm i being fed with the word of God? the place where one is being fed with the word of God is a fertile ground to pay tithe. in such place where one is being fed regularly with the word there blessings are released upon the individual.
    if i worship in a place for instance and im resident there its more proper i pay my tithe there rather than sending my tithe to another place i visit. scriptures say bring ye the tithe into the store house so that there would be meat in my house. the place of worship continually is a suitable place to pay tithe.
    if i relocate from a current location, the new place of worship would therefore be a more suitable place for paying my tithe. note tithe is not to be paid to the individual but to a place of worship. the israelites brought the proceeds to the tent where sacrifices were offered thus they paid their tithe there, they did not look for another temple to offer their sacrifices.
    if i am visiting a place i dont need to pay tithe there cos im not being nourished there continually. id rather pay tithe where im fed and built up for kingdom purposes.

    1. Thank you for your comment anonymous. Although it makes absolutely sense to pay tithes to the church that we worship. Nonetheless, do not forget that, God's thoughts are not our thoughts neither are His ways our ways (Isaiah 55:8). If you worship in a church, I will advise you to pay your tithe at the your place of worship. Nonetheless, you have to be sensitive to God's voice. God may direct you to pay your tithe to a different church for a monthly month or a particular gift you were given. Do not forget that, God said that 'those who are led by the Spirit of God are His children' (Paraphrased of Romans 8:14). To the person that asked the question, ask God directly where He would like to pay your tithe. Be guided by the Lord.

      The Bible didn't really specify whether we are to pay tithe at our place of worship..Nonetheless, God does want us to pay tithe into the storehouse.

      I actually struggled to answer this question. I hope my answer and the contribution above were helpful.