Friday 16 August 2013

TGIF..When single ladies hang out.... here it goes..

It is to be noted that not all single ladies are SSS (Seriously Single and Searching). The term ‘single’ is used to describe people that are not married. Some of my girlfriends are not SSS.
I'm not sure if you are aware, I actually derive satisfaction when I engage in discussions that pertain to relationships.

My girlfriends and I hung out recently. We engaged in various discussions ranging from sex in marriage, the wedding night, the role of a man in marriage, the role of the wife in marriage, our parents’ generation/how the men took the financial responsibilities, etc. We also discussed the wedding proposal.

Basically, most (male) celebrities are proposing to their girlfriends by purchasing exotic cars (Range Rover, Bentley, Audi, etc) as proposal gifts. The marriage proposal is one of the most incredible and memorable moments in every woman’s life - One of the happiest days of a lady. The engagement is a prelude to marriage. The proposal sometimes comes with a beautiful ring (Would you inform your guy the type of ring that you would like?). Some guys also look forward to the day that they will propose to their special lady. 

We all said that male celebrities are setting the standard; therefore our Christian men must do better.

Our discussions entailed:

Girlfriend A: I would love my hubby-to-be to take me on an inclusive/exclusive trip abroad, and he should propose to me while we are on holiday. In order not to defile the marriage bed, I will sleep in a different room in the hotel.

Girlfriend B: I wouldn't want my guy to propose in a public place because I view proposal as an intimate act.  My guy knows the type of lady that I am; therefore I'm expecting him to have put a lot of thought and creativity into it.

Girlfriend C: I don’t really mind how my man proposes as long as we marry.

Girlfriend D: I don’t mind the cost of the engagement ring neither do I mind the location that he is going to pop the question, all I want is for us to marry and to build our home.

Girlfriend E: He is aware that he must give me a ring, if the ring is too expensive, I would find a way for us to return the ring and save the money for our future home.

Male friend A: My proposal ring for my babe will be worth 3 times of my salary. 

Married friend A: I didn't propose to my wife, I didn't give her an engagement ring. I just told her that it is about time we chose a wedding date.

Married friend B: My husband did not give me an engagement ring, if he had, I would have been too embarrassed to wear it.

During the above discussions, we were all shouting on top of our voices, we all wanted to get our views across.

By the way, some of the guys said that, celebrities are people of the world, they are not Born Again Christians, and therefore Christians single ladies must not expect their hubby-to-be to give them a brand new car/an expensive gift for wedding proposal.  Also, it was argued that an engagement ring is not biblical. One of the guys expressed that the greatest gift that a Christian single man can give to his girlfriend is a Bible. Seriously Bible???

Someone else asked, what if after the proposal, the couple decide to separate, would the expensive gift be returned with the engagement ring? Some of my girlfriends said that they would not return the expensive gift, however they would return the engagement ring. To show you are a responsible adult and for God not to hold you accountable, it is advisable to return the ring and any gifts to one's ex. 

What are your views? 

Must a guy propose before you can choose your wedding date? 

Are expensive gifts pre-requisite for proposal?

Did your husband propose to you?

Did you propose to your wife?

What is your understanding of proposal? 


  1. Lafunky, how could you title this post "When single ladies hang out...", when it is obvious that you 'hung out' with not just single ladies, but single guys and married people as well? Lol!!!