Wednesday 28 June 2023

Be Specific With Your Thanksgiving To God

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well. I have a meeting shortly but the Lord said, I should take a pause and share this message with you before 10am. 

God would like you to have an attitude of gratitude and for you to be specific with your thanksgiving as this would help you to stay joyful and to remember that God is Good. In essence, your faith in God will be renewed when you are specific with your thanksgiving to God. 

Let us use Psalm 23 to give thanks to God this morning: 

Thank you, Jesus, for meeting my needs (Specify those needs)

Thank you Jesus that I can find rest in you

Thank you Jesus for the peace that I am enjoying

Thank you Jesus for refreshing and replenishing me when I am drained

Thank you Jesus for protecting me and my family

Thank you Jesus for keeping me safe

Thank you Jesus for giving me the courage to make the right decisions at the right time even when the decisions you have asked me to make do not please some people. 

Thank you for the grace to obey your words even in little things (specify those little things)

Thank you, Jesus, for always supporting me, even if I am surrounded by issues of life

Thank you Jesus for favouring me in (Specify those things)

I am confident in you, Jesus and I know that my future is secure in you.

Thank you Jesus for filling my life with your blessings (Name those blessings).

In Jesus' name, I have given thanks, Amen.

I hope the above has helped you to give thanks to God.

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Have a lovely day!

Yours in Christ,

Mysses Lafunky

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