Sunday 13 September 2020

Christian Parents | Pray for Your Children

 Hello Readers & Followers

How is your weekend going? I hope you're having a lovely weekend. Today's write-up is for parents. I would like to encourage you to keep praying for your children as your prayers carry power and they are being heard by God. Pray what you would like to see in their lives into existence as your prayers are being stored in heaven and heard by God. Keep going! God will honour all His promises concerning your children in Jesus' name.

Finally, remember to:

1) Pray with/on and for your children. 

2) Pray immediately when God brings your child/ren to your mind.

3) Pray God's word into their lives.

4) Pray about your concerns and desires in their lives.

5) You can use a prayer book dedicated to praying for children to pray for your children.

Above all, ask the Holy Spirit to intercede for your child/ren. Sometimes you may struggle to pray, please take heart, the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is praying for you and praying for your children. The Spirit uses "groans that words cannot express" to present the needs of our children to God. How amazing! Thank you Holy Spirit for helping us to pray for our children.

Finally, encourage your children to pray for themselves. Teach them to know that praying to God is a vital part of life. We need God in everything and they need God also.

Top Tip: Do you fast and pray on behalf of your children? You should consider it.

Have a lovely weekend. Thank you for reading. 

- Mysses Lafunky


  1. As parents, we can't over pray for our children but most times under pray for them.

    I come alive in the place of prayer in Jesus' name.

    1. Absolutely! I agree with you, we can't over pray for our children. I join you to say a big Amen to your prayer.