Monday 13 March 2017

Ope’s Journey into Christianity and What Christianity Has Taught Him

I am so in love with this new series. I can’t wait for the readers, followers and the team to learn about other people’s journey into Christianity, how the journey is going, what they are learning and whether they will continue on the journey among other things. Also, I believe it's an opportunity for the people that we are interviewing to reflect on their christian faith.

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ML: Tell us a little bit about yourself
Ope: My name is Opeyemi Akinola; 5th of 5 children; Lecturer and practising Civil Engineer based in Nigeria. I am married to one wife.

ML: When did you become a Christian/born again Christian?
Ope: My parents got married as Muslims. I was born the year after my mum became a Christian. Dad became a Christian 12 years after I was born. I dedicated my life to Christ in Secondary School in 1998.

ML: How has the journey been?
Ope: It has been interesting; though not easy but every experience has been well worth it.

ML: What has Christianity taught you?
Ope: It has taught me so many things and helped me become the man I am today. I have found hope and joy in situations where many have been heartbroken. It helps me to learn to live and love better on a daily basis.

ML: Is this a journey that you want to continue in or stop?
Ope: Certainly, it’s a journey I look forward to continuing. I learn a lot on a daily basis and my steps are ordered. It feels great to have a father I can always look up to and trust that my all would be alright.

ML: Any tips for our readers who are contemplating whether they should be a born again Christian or not, or to anyone feeling discouraged about their relationship with God?

Ope: In Jesus Christ you will feel a peace that passes all understanding – human and otherwise. All your fears would be allayed once you learn to trust in Him fully. He is faithful and never fails. He loves better than any earthly father can.

ML:  Thank you for taking your time to be part of our series.
Ope: Thanks for the honour to take part in your short interview.

See you next week Monday for another real life interview about journeys into Christianity.

Have a great week ahead.

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