Friday 3 January 2014

I Want to Abort the Pregnancy. Can I?

Since I started blogging, I get asked different questions.  Some of the questions that I get asked are straight forward to answer, some are difficult, I think I need to be 90 with a PhD to answer them!  Nonetheless, I'll answer to my best ability, with the help of my readers and followers.

The Question:

 Dear Myss Lafunky,

    'I think I already know what your view would be, and you don't change your opinion on your view.  
So, what do you think about abortion?   Is it right or wrong? and why?

I think being a parent or potential parent brings a lot of responsibility.

What's your view about abortion?  What does the Bible say about abortion?'

I have already provided an answer below and the individual is aware of the below response.   However, I would like you all to shed some lights, I don't think I have sufficiently answered the above questions.  I am open to learn.

Myss Lafunky writes ~
To decide that one cannot look after a baby, it needs to be examined critically.

Medically, emotionally and spiritually, abortion has negative impacts, the guilt of killing a baby is likely to impact on one's emotion for life, what if something goes wrong with the ladies womb?, etc.

The Bible says that, before He formed us in our mother's womb, He knew us, while we were still in our mother's womb, He also knew us.  There are people in the Bible that God spoke to the parents about the children that they will conceive and God told them about the purpose for the children's lives (e.g. Samson, John the Baptist, etc).
God also discouraged us from killing the innocent.  The Bible says that cursed be to anyone who shed innocent blood.

Nonetheless, the decision is up to the parents or the parents to be.  The decision may be more difficult if the baby was conceived through rape.  However, some women still continue with the pregnancy and they give the baby for adoption.

Include your voice below if you have a view about this post. You may influence the person that asked the question.

- Myss Lafunky


  1. I do not know what the person's experience has been (i.e. whether palatable or not - leading to the pregnancy), but can I say that I know for certain God will not be pleased with an act of abortion or any other deed that He (in His sovereign wisdom) considers sin. It may not be expressly written in the bible verbatim that "do not commit abortion" but it is undeniably imprinted on our hearts (particularly as children of God) the ability to know what is sin from what is not. So, rather than to commit an abortion (with its accompanying risks and all), that fellow must understand that, however difficult it is to become parent to a child (which is understandable), a chain of events has been kicked into motion and must be allowed to run its course unless God Himself in His sovereignty intervenes, otherwise man's attempt to handle such becomes a sin against God. As His word says in Psalm 99:8, although He can be forgiving, He can also hard on us when we sin.

    NB: God's will can be done even without anyone aiding Him. If God does not will that the child be born, regardless of our mistakes as human beings, he knows what to do. However, if He wills, then I'm afraid there isn't much to say than to accept the chain of events as it is; allow the child to be born and trust God to help the parent(s) with grace to perform their parental responsibilities (Hopefully the would-be parents are Christians).

    NB: This is just what I think. And of course, rather kindly, I may be wrong because I am not in that person's shoes and may not fully understand exactly how the person feels. But I hope this helps. Thanks and God bless.

    1. Thank you for your comment Abayomi. I hope more people would comment, so as to give the individual more things to consider.

  2. i would classify abortion in the same category as murder.
    the fact that a woman is pregnant shows that there is a life in her womb an individual who has a destiny and removing such life violates the commandment of God which says thou shall not commit murder.
    no child is an accident hence if a child can be out in the womb such child has the right to live. the bitter truth is that there is a stigma attached to teh individual who aborts aside the medical incidences that can occur which could be the damage the womb may incur thereby allowing for barreness.
    God almighty is the giver of life hence man should not take decision to take life via abortion irrespective the circumstance.
    in the event the woman does not want the child the child should be brought forth by delivery and given out for adoption which is a more better option.
    i know that there are feelings that come when pregnancy comes and it was not planned for or there is none to be identified as the father of a child but these dont give the license to abort the child. the child should be given a chance.
    this is my simple submission on this issue

    1. Thank you for your comment Anonymous.

      You made a significant point by emphasising that, there is a life in a woman's womb and once the life is killed, it is MURDER.

  3. I understand aw you feel cos i m in your position I told myself I can't bring myself to abort,and decided to carry the baby tho its been difficult struggling with my masters program and d pregnancy, I know God will help u and mine is even that my family are not in the UK with me so my dear I took a great step keeping the baby I couldn't bring myself to abort this is my first issue so pls imnot condemning u but be strong keep d pregnancy and give it up for adoption if u can't keep up with the responsibilities.

    1. Thank you for your comment anonymous. The Lord will see you through. You have made a courageous decision to keep the pregnancy. The Lord will support you, He will never leave nor forsake you. Please remember to humble yourself before God, build good support networks in the UK and seek counsel.