Monday 15 July 2013

Don't Pretend to God, tell Him as it is!

Hi followers & readers,

My apologies for not posting last weekend, the last two weeks have been immensely hectic for me. Many thanks to those that supported me with all I've had to do and I thank God for a blessed week.
In the last two weeks, I've learnt that we can trigger our uncommon blessings from God by undertaking uncommon actions. 

I've also been dwelling on simplicity in praying and ways to tell God about my burdens.  Hence, I'm currently putting these into practice.  To illustrate: let’s say that, I'm in need of financial help, I do not need to be ambiguous with my prayers by stating that God should bless my finances, rather, I would confidently say: “Lord, I need you to provide money to undertake ...” 

Also, if you believe the issue within your marriage is lack of respect, there is a place to go to God and ask Him specific request, such as: “Lord Jesus, I have been called to respect my husband, Lord, teach me how to fulfil this in my marriage.” “In my role as a wife, as a mother, teach me to respect... 

An example of a specific prayer point in  relation to eliminating jealousy from one's life. Rather than stating that, God, please help me not to be jealous in my marriage. Feel free to tell God how exactly you have been feeling. To illustrate: 

"Dear Lord,
Please help me. I get jealous of my own husband. I get jealous of the time that he has, the things he gets to do or doesn’t do, I get jealous of the opportunities he receives, and it hurts. The jealousy fuels bitterness in my heart and then it comes out in the way I respond to my husband. I know jealousy is not from you. I believe you would not want me to be jealous, but rather be thankful for what I have or don’t have, get or don’t get…whether its time or an opportunity. I need to appreciate what you have given specifically to me, embracing it and responding to it all with joy. Help me to take my eyes off of my husband and help me to focus them on you Lord. I pray that you would take this jealousy out of my heart and heal me in Jesus name AMEN (Unveiled".

God wants us to take our requests to Him and for us to ask Him specific questions in line with the Word of God (Bible).  Don't pretend to God, tell Him as it is. 

- Myss Lafunky

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