Monday, 19 March 2018

Becoming like Jesus Christ In Character

Hello Readers & Followers,

How was your weekend? Hope you had a lovely weekend and hope it wasn't too tiring? Last week was quite interesting for me actually as my character in Christ was tested immensely due to how someone related with me. 

As you read this excerpt of a sermon by my husband, I'd like you to take time to reflect on your character and honestly ask yourself, is it really like Christ's character? If it is not, this is an opportunity to become like Jesus Christ in character and also to ask the Holy Spirit to help you. 

It is to be noted that my husband and I are still becoming like Jesus Christ in character. We do not want you to think that we are perfect but we are on a journey to perfection. We know that there had been times that we fell short and there had also been times that we knew that God was pleased with our characters. We would not want to dwell on past achievements but rather, we want to focus on where we are now and where God is taking us.

Here goes this week's post...

Becoming Like Jesus Christ In Character

When you reflect something, you are exhibiting its likeness. You are displaying its characteristics. Like a mirror, the Bible tells us that we should reflect the character and likeness of Jesus Christ. We should have the same attitude as Jesus Christ. See Philippians 2:5-8

4 major qualities that Jesus possessed that we ought to copy and practice are:

1) Prayer: Matthew 26:36-41 Jesus prayed in Gethsemane and told the disciples to watch and pray so they will not enter into temptation. Not just any kind of prayer, there was emphasis on aligning our prayers in line with God's purpose and plan for us. Therefore, it is good to pray for the will of God. Matthew 23:14. Christ could have prayed that the cup of crucifixion be taken away from Him, but He didn't. He could have prayed that the day of crucifixion be moved further but He didn't instead He prayed for God's will to be done.

The book of John chapter 17 tells us about staying connected to the source of our power. Jesus prayed as many times as He could; Jesus never wanted to be separated from His father so He prayed at all times to maintain that channel of communication. Not just willing to pray but putting aside all busy schedules and praying.

2) Humility: The bible says that Jesus Christ humbled Himself and became obedient even to the point of death. Sometimes, when we pray and ask God to help us develop the spirit of patience that's when people come specially to provoke you just to test how much that patience is worth to you. Our human nature does not want us to be humble. Jesus washed the disciples feet with love thereby teaching us humility to even those we have authority over. 

In Mathew 17:24-28, Jesus humbled Himself to the authority that was in Government and He did not wield His power around aimlessly just to prove that He was the son of God. Instead He commanded Peter to go fishing and for him to bring the money he finds in the mouth of the fish to pay tax. 

The book of Romans 13:1-2 reminds us that all leaders and people in the authorities that exists are placed by God for a purpose, therefore we should obey them by doing our bit.

3) The Way Jesus Spoke: The bible describes the tongue as a powerful tool though small but directs life. See the book of James 3:5, Proverbs 18:21. Therefore Jesus Christ spoke positive words to the people. Mathew 9:23-26 made us to understand that when Jesus Christ said the girl is not dead but asleep the people ridiculed Jesus but this did not deter him from waking the girl up. 

"Always give thoughts to your words before they are spoken because your word is life and once spoken, it is difficult to reverse" - Mysses Lafunky's husband.

4) Forgiveness: Mathew 18:21-22 states that Jesus Christ commands us to forgive our neighbours up to 70 x 7. Forgiveness is not for the other person alone because if we don't forgive then we are also at the risk of not being forgiven.

Let's Talk...

  • What character of Jesus Christ do you already exhibit? (keep it up! :))
  • Do you have any recent experience that you did not reflect the characters of Jesus Christ? A) What happened? B) How did you handle it? C) And how would you handle, if a similar incident was to occur in the future? 

Prayer for Today

Merciful Lord, help me to become more like You. May I live a life that is more like You always. Lord Jesus, even when my character is being tested, help me to react like the way you will react in Jesus name. 
Merciful Lord, please forgive me for different ways that I had displayed characters (both in the open and secret) that did not reflect who you are.

Have a lovely week! Remember to interact with us by answering our "Let's Talk" questions.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Armoured to Stand

New week alert! New post alert! Always so excited when it’s time to write a new post, if only I could be writing new posts daily 😢. Oh well, wishes and Lamborghinis. Are you a fan of war movies? Especially those ones that depict battle scenes from the period of the Roman or Greek empires? When the warriors get ready for battle, you see them getting their armours ready. What constitutes their armour?

You have the shield, the breastplate (because mans ain’t tryna be sliced pork chop), the helmet (because mans can’t be walking around with a headless body), the belt, the sandals and of course the sword or hammer (depending on the warrior’s preference). Before battle, you see their armours shining and gleaming under the sun but by the end of the battle, it’s bloodied. But therein lies the difference between us and these warriors!

Therefore put on the full armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. (Eph. 6:13, NIV)

Wait, what?! I am not understanding this! God, are you trying to tell me that after going through my Avengers assemble routine of suiting up to face Killmonger, I should just stand? Wow… amaziiiiing. Well, therein lies the difference, we are not expected to fight the battle (II Chr. 20:17). Why? For we wrestle not against flesh and blood (Eph. 6:12) and of course, there is no way you can physically fight what isn’t physical. Have you ever tried fighting a temptation with boxing or wrestling? That would be weird and impossible 😂.

With that in mind, when God gave us the charge to suit up and stand, it was because He knew that there was no way we could fight the spiritual forces of this world with earthly armour or earthly battle strategies. You may say, but not all things we face in life are spiritual and I would say, all things are spiritual (I Cor. 2:15). Every situation you face in life, every battle, has a spiritual force behind it and that is why in Eph. 6, the bible takes the time to explain to us what we truly contend with when we see things happening to us in the physical and thereafter, tells us what to do about those situations (wear the armour of God, so we can stand our ground).

As we go into this week, the charge is for us to wear the armour of God and stand. What is the armour of God? Eph. 6:14-17 gives us the details on what it consists, check it out.

Let's talk

- Tell us, what situations in life have you faced and were unable to stand?
- Why were you unable to stand?

Trace your way back to God and suit up in His armour and ask for strength to stand when the evil day comes.


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Monday, 5 March 2018

Hagar Moment

Happy new month guys, welcome to the third month of the new year. I’m jamming to this great song recommended by Myss Lafunky called Your Great Name by Todd Dulaney. Nothing like the name of Jesus, right? Listen to it and be blessed. I’m sure you would be wondering what a Hagar moment is, be patient, we will get there. It was inspired by an awesome podcast by a spiritual father of mine, Bishop T.D Jakes and it’s called "Are you all in?" Please listen to it and I can assure you that you would be blessed just as I was by the podcast.

"Now Sarai, Abram’s wife, had borne him no children. But she had an Egyptian slave named Hagar; so she said to Abram, 'The Lord has kept me from having children. Go, sleep with my slave; perhaps I can build a family through her.' Abram agreed to what Sarai said. So after Abram had been living in Canaan ten years, Sarai his wife took her Egyptian slave Hagar and gave her to her husband to be his wife." (Gen. 16:1-2 NIV).

First of, apologies to Hagar and anyone named Hagar for using your name to describe a situation that is not necessarily positive. Verse 2 of Gen. 16 completely captures exactly what a Hagar moment is; now for some context, flip back to Gen. 15 with specific focus on Gen. 15:5.

Like Daddy Jakes said and I’m paraphrasing here, it’s basically a moment in life when you decide to help God fulfil His promise to you lol. Imagine the almighty God needing your help to complete what He started. But that is exactly what we do when we are holding on to God and we decide to create a plan B like Sarai did. In Gen.15:5, God gave them the promise and bada bing bada boom, 22 verses later, Sarai is like naaa this ain’t gonna work, I gotta help God out. Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t plan or strategize but I’m saying when waiting on God, you need to trust that He is able to finish that which He started. 

As human beings, we all have Hagar moments at different points in time but what is wrong is, when we have the Hagar moment and follow through on whatever decisions that arise from those moments. Remember that verse that says without faith it is impossible to please God? Yeah, Heb. 11:6. When we have Hagar moments and follow through, we are basically saying we don’t have faith in God’s finishing ability and in doing so, we displease Him.
The example of Abraham and Sarah is one of the most common examples that happens in our society today. I myself have had quite a few Hagar moments, sometimes I’ve had the strength to resist those moments and other times, I found myself "helping God" by following through with action. There are a lot of risks associated with Hagar moments and from experience (even when we are covered by the grace and mercy of God) we end up having to live with the consequences and pains of the Hagar moment. 

I’ve been guilty of succumbing to Hagar moments but after listening to the podcast, I made up my mind to start taking concrete steps to close out every Hagar moment in my life and by His grace, I will be able to close out and resist any Hagar moment in my life.

As we go into this new week and month, the charge is for you to sit down and think of anytime you tried to help God and ask Him for His forgiveness and strength to close every door that was opened due to Hagar moments and to walk away whenever you’re faced with a Hagar moment again. Temptation isn’t a sin but falling into temptation is a sin!

Let’s Talk

  1. What Hagar moments have you experienced?
  2. What are the steps you need to take to fix those moments?
Have a lovely week! See you on Monday for another faith based post.


Monday, 26 February 2018

I Feel A Shake In My Spirit When I...

I feel a shake in my Spirit when I call your Name. When you think of the name of Jesus Christ, what comes to your mind? What do you associate with the name of Jesus Christ?

Recently, I undertook a task with someone and when we arrived at our destination, both the individual and I were terrified by what we saw. However, the first thing that I did was to call on the name of Jesus Christ repeatedly as I had a strong belief that the name of Jesus Christ would protect  us and also lessen our fears. Guess what readers? The Lord took control of everything and our fears were gone and everything was alright. A confirmation that there is power in the name of Jesus Christ.

Last weekend, we had Todd Dulaney's song ("Your Great Name") on repeat at home. I also watched a review of Tasha Cobb Leonard's new gospel music album on YouTube, click here to watch the review. This two experiences coupled with my initial experience on calling the name of Jesus Christ triggered this post.

From my personal walk with God, I associate the following with the name of Jesus Christ:

- I feel protected when I call on the name of Jesus

- I feel at peace when I call on the name of Jesus Christ

- The name that saves

- The name that heals

- The name that forgives wrongs

- The only name and way to get to heaven

- I associate the name with compassion, mercy, kindness, truth and consuming fire

- The name that is Higher than any other name

- The name that causes demons to bow and tremble

- The name that delivers

- The name that makes all things possible

- The name that is associated with a sinless life.

- The name that is powerful

- The name that cares

- The name that is loving

- The name that gives clarity

- The name that reigns forever

- The name that reveals the secret and hidden things to His children

- The name that gives joy.

Let's Talk...

  1. What do you associate with the name of Jesus Christ?
  2. Do you have any experience with the name of Jesus Christ that you would like to share?

Enjoy this song by Todd Dulaney.

Have a lovely week! 

- Mysses Lafunky

Friday, 23 February 2018

Don't Take God for Granted | It Doesn't Make It Right Because Everyone is Doing It

Hello Readers & Followers

Thank God Its Friday! I recognise that we did not publish our faith message for Monday. My sincere apologies!  My week was extremely busy and my mind was tired. I have actually noticed that when my mind is tired and when I have had a very busy week or day, I tend to struggle to be productive in the place of writing faith articles and also I sometimes struggle to connect with God on a one to one. I wonder if this is generic to everyone or is it just peculiar to me?  If you have any tips for me, feel free to comment below or contact me.

Back to this week's post...

A) Are you a Practising Christian?

B) Are you a Born Again Christian?

C) Have you noticed how there are several things that the Word of God has told us to avoid and things that God has clearly warned us against are now being normalised and embraced?

D) Have you noticed that some Christians also participate in things that they know are wrong and against God's word?

E) Do you know that God always tells you through your conscience when you are doing or have done something against the way He expects you to do things?

F) Do you give excuses such as; i) God will forgive me when I seek His forgiveness, ii) Everyone is doing it, what makes me different? iii) Mature Christians are doing it, this therefore makes it right for me to do it too. iv) God will always understand as He is a good God.

Mysses Lafunky would like to encourage you with the following:

1. Dearest readers, God would like you to be more careful to do the good things that you know you are ought to do as a Christian, obey Him with deep respect and stay away from ALL that might displease Him (Philippians 2 :12 TLB version Paraphrased).

2. Do not be discouraged in living for God, God is happy with you when you make a conscious decision to show that you love Him through your way of life.

3. No one can serve two Gods. You are either a Christian that lives for God or a non-Christian that does not live for God.

4. God is not keen on you to call yourself a Christian (A follower of Jesus Christ that follows God's teachings) and yet you are not following His teachings. He wouldn't see you as His child.

5. Remember, there will be trying times, God is ALWAYS available to help you to make right choices.

6. If peradventure, you have fallen along the way, it is not too late to forsake your wrong ways. However, It may cost you! "Living for God is a lifestyle of sacrifice (Quote by Mysses Lafunky)." But God will make everything to work together for your good. 

Let's Talk . . .
A lot of people struggle to forsake old habits and wrong things that they know that God hates. Do you have any tips that could be beneficial for someone that is struggling to forsake old ways or things that God has told Christians to stay away from?

Enjoy your weekend!

- Mysses Lafunky

Monday, 12 February 2018

Are You Pursing Holiness?

Hello Readers & Followers,

How was your weekend?  Ready for another week? May the Lord be with you in this new week. May you always be at the right place at the right time. 

This short post is to encourage you to pursue holiness and live a life that is totally devoted to God whilst you are on earth. 

Check out the following points that can help you to pursue holiness: 

1) Live for God: Whatever you do in the secret and in the open, let it bring glory to God.

2) Take time to read the Bible: Be intentional and create a daily time to know God.

3) Be Loyal to God: Stay away from things and ambitions that could compromise your dedication and commitment to God.

4) Determine to obey God's Word: Be aware that there will be various things and people that may discourage you from staying faithful to God but be rest assured that the Lord is ready to help you when you make a decision to obey him. 

Let's Talk . . .

 - Are there things on this earth that affect our relationship and devotion to God?

- I'd like you to say a prayer right now for someone that needs help in pursing holiness with God. 

Please remember to share this post with at least one person.

Have a lovely week.

Mysses Lafunky

Monday, 5 February 2018

Taking Territories

Like the bible says, an idle hand is the devil’s workshop. That saying was in my mind when I laid down on my couch, as usual there was no light, thinking of what to do to occupy my time. Trust the mind to wander when left unchecked and unguarded thanks to the power of boredom; suddenly all manners of thoughts started coming to my mind, but glory be to God, it occurred to me that I had to sweep the house and complete a whole lot of other house chores.
That’s how I made good use of almost 3 hours that I would have otherwise given to non-value adding things. It was in the middle of my chores that I got the inspiration for this topic, thanks to a seed that was planted while listening to the TD Jakes podcast titled: SOAR: The Next Generation.

Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses, and said, "Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it." Num. 13:30 (NKJV).

While sweeping the house, I remembered that a few days ago I had promised to sweep the master bedroom of the house. Now get this, I live alone so when I’m planning to sweep any part of my house, the room I sleep in should come first, right? Would you be shocked if I told you that I have lived in my own house for the better part of almost two years and had never slept in the master bedroom for one night?

So, if I wasn’t sleeping in the master bedroom, where was I sleeping? In the guest room! Imagine living in your own place but sleeping in the guest room. I can guarantee you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the room. So, Sage, tell us why you moved into your own house and slept in the guest room?
Well my first excuse back then was I didn’t want to move into the master bedroom till I was married; don’t ask me why, I just kept giving myself that excuse. Then the excuse became, I had not yet repainted the walls in the room, eventually I did that! Then I told myself: "oh I need to fix curtains, till then I can’t move in". 

This was how almost two years passed and I was still living in the guest room of my own house! The children of Israel had excuses of their own, Num. 13:28-29, 31-33.
What changed? It was very simple actually; so simple I should have done it months ago. I stopped giving excuses and just did it!

If you notice, in Num. 13:28-33, there was a break in transmission while the ten spies gave their excuses, it was in vs. 30. Ten of the twelve spies gave four different excuses, while two gave a solution. What does that teach us?
Just like the Israelites, just like me, there will always be excuses and reasons not to act but there is only one solution! Like the Nike slogan says, Just do it! Which is exactly what I did before writing this article. I just did it and took possession of the master bedroom of my house. That’s exactly what the Israelites did eventually. They just did it and when they did, they took possession of the land!

As we start this new week, the charge is for you to look at areas of your life that you have been giving excuses for, step out in faith and JUST DO IT! You do not need giant faith (Luke 17:6, Matt. 17:20), you just need a little faith, God will handle the rest.

Let's talk...

  • What areas of your life have you refused to take possession of? 
  • What are the excuses you give yourself that prevent you from taking possession? 
  • What is the worst that will happen if you step out in faith and just do it? 

Share your thoughts with us, we’d like to know.