Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Christianity Through the Eyes of Temi

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Happy New Month to you all. I can't believe it's May already. I hope you had a lovely May Day yesterday.

We shall be rounding off this series of journey into Christianity next week Monday so, watch out for the final interview. I hope you have gained something from this series and that it has also given you an opportunity to reflect on your own Christianity journey and those of your household?

This week, Myss Lafunky (ML) interviewes Temi, as I fondly call her. I have known Temi since she was little and in primary school. I recently reflected on the role I played in Temi's life during her childhood. I can recollect how I had visited her house alongside my childhood best friend to encourage Temi to attend church and also to participate in children's church activities including the children's choir; this was when she came home from boarding school. Temi was receptive to our regular invites and she joined us at various children's church activities. Looking back now, my childhood best friend and I were only little ourselves; we were young teenagers at the time.

Follow me as I find out more about Temi's journey in Christianity.

ML: Tell us a bit about yourself

Temi: My name is Temi Tiamiyu. I was born and raised in Nigeria. I currently live in the US. I sing in the choir; I love organizing things (planning); I love colours; and I love Christ.

ML: When did you become a Christian, a born again Christian?

Temi: I grew up in the Church – When I was younger, I attended Sunday and mid-week services with my mum when I was home. I continued my daily devotions and also attended Sunday fellowships when I returned to boarding school. I was very active both in my youth church at home (choir) and in boarding school (choir and drama departments).
I’d say that as I got older, my passion for Christ also grew. I’d say 2016 was the year that my fellowship with HIM took a new turn.

ML: How has the journey been?

Temi: The journey has been humbling! My flesh or carnal mind certainly doesn’t want to serve God or do His will. However, the driver or key for me is knowing what my desire is and then acting upon it - My desire is to live the life of Christ (so surrendering mine for His. Of course it’s OK for me to have desires but they need to be aligned with God’s will for me).  

Doing God’s will is rewarding. It helps when I mediate daily and have the words written on my fleshy heart. I have come to realise that the gifts of daily life, peace of mind and other unknowns that make my day go smoothly are part of the benefits I enjoy for living and desiring to continue to live the life of Christ. If I am for Christ then I have to be all out for Him.

Also, because I desire to be more and more like him, how I should live my life is documented in the bible (I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the book of Ephesians) and not by the norm or dictation of the world. Of course, this isn’t pleasing to my flesh, but I have come to realise that, it is not for my sake but for Christ’s. I mean my body isn’t even mine in the first place – For I was bought with a price and my body has to glorify God (1 Corinthians 6:20). As I mentioned earlier, the genuine Christian journey is not easy to walk in flesh but the more I yield to Christ the better and more refined I am and the Spirit of God gives me strength (again, it boils down to knowing my desire and asking God to help me in my walk with HIM). My Christian life has to be worked out. The more time I spend with Him, the more I learn about Him.

I believe that the Christian journey is worth it when we are truly in Christ because we then know His heart and why things happen (He changes times and seasons - Daniel 2:21).  Every experience has its lesson but the key is to be rooted in Christ. Sometimes the Devil decides to show his face or uses his people but when we are truly rooted in Christ, Christ fights for us - we have victory in the end. Always!  So, yes the journey has been and continues to be humbling!

ML: What has Christianity taught you?

Temi: Christianity has taught me to follow the precepts of Christ. It’s not about me, it’s about Christ - showing love, being patient, propagating the gospel, doing good… In all, living the life of Christ.

ML: Is this a journey that you want to continue or stop in?

Temi: Definitely, a journey I’d like to continue! I yearn for a continuous revelation of Him.

ML: Any tips for those contemplating whether to be born again or not and those feeling discouraged about their relationship with God?

Temi: For those contemplating whether to be born again – I urge you to PLEASE yield to God. In the humbleness of your heart, surrender to him. YOU TRY HIM. You can’t have a true opinion about something you’ve never tried or someone you haven’t met. Just try him and tell Him to reveal himself to you if truly HE is alive and God of all, like you might have heard. And HE WILL because he does not want anyone to perish! Trust that the gift of salvation is so beautiful! Christ gave himself so that we MAY have life and have it abundantly – that we may know HIM. I urge you to give yourself to Christ and watch Him make a beauty out of you.

Those feeling discouraged about their relationship with God – Please don’t relent, be steadfast in your walk with God. Serving Him shouldn’t be about what we want from Him but about getting to know Him. You can’t know His heart as you ought to if you don’t spend time with Him or if you don’t continue to seek for His revelation. 
When we are outside of Him, we start to misbehave and fall into sin. Know that the Devil wants to steer you away from God because he knows the benefits and rewards (such as peace of mind, joy, happiness, fruitfulness, protection, etc.) that we enjoy when we are in Christ. In the genuineness of your heart, ask that the Holy Spirit be revived in you! You can do great and mighty things if you continue to serve him truthfully (not eye-service). It’s not worth going back to the former things. Move on (genuinely) in Christ.


  1. Love for Christ is everything! I didn't know you could sing too.....lol.
    Lots of love from us here is Nigeria. Kanayo.

  2. Love for Christ is everything! I didn't know you could sing too.....lol.
    Lots of love from us here is Nigeria. Kanayo.